Spring Clean Your Household Appliances with Replacement Parts

Spring time is here, and many homeowners are starting to replace windows with screens, tend to gardens and clean gutters. But it’s also important to know that your home appliances that you use everyday need special spring cleaning attention too.  

You’ve bought the home appliances new 2, 4, maybe 7 years ago. Refrigerators, washer-dryers, and other household appliances get used often, especially in busy households with kids and family members.

Replacement parts for appliances are usually needed when the units start to under perform. Many appliance manufacturers give a 7-10 years time frame for major appliances like refrigerators, washer-dryer units and freezer cabinets. Depending on use, however, these units may need replacement parts sooner than later.   

So it’s time to spring clean your major appliances, while you’re cleaning the yard, checking the roof and sweeping the garage. Here are some tips for spring cleaning your Appliances:  

Air Conditioner – HVAC unit  
Your heating and air conditioning system (HVAC) should be checked out thoroughly and cleaned at least two times a year. Many homeowners make HVAC checkups like dental appts – every 6 months. Making sure your air conditioner’s hoses, belts and fans and other critical components are working properly.  

Another smart spring cleaning tip is to use a programmable thermostat for good A/C effectiveness. Set your A/C at a higher temperature (try 85 degrees) during the summer months while you’re out of the house. Then, program it to be cooler (78-80 degrees) when you are planning to return home.  

Outside the home, check for shrubs that might be interrupting airflow around your A/C unit. It’s best to keep a 2-3 foot area fully clear from your outside air conditioning unit to ensure proper circulation.  

There are also online guides to help you check your A/C unit, or to make you feel more comfortable, you can hire an A/C technician.    

Your refrigerator appliance may be the most used item in your home. With constant door opening and closing, a refrigerator’s door gaskets can become loose and need replacement parts. Refrigerator technicians can replace some of the standard brands pretty easily, but you should be able to source the necessary parts you need over the web from outfits like Appliance Parts Company, which has a big presence in the US West states.  

With the right tips and advice, homeowners should be able to locate these replaceable parts for low-cost DIY work. You can sometimes even get free diagnostic advice for a switch or a hose issue by the company’s service department. What originally looked like a bigger repair issue might in fact just be a quick fix with the right appliance replacement part.  

Before you chuck up that slow moving, grinding-sounding dishwasher for a new one, you may want to do a quick clean on it. Try these dishwasher cleaning tips before you start looking for new models. Citric acid and baking soda rinses can unlock blocked areas in your dishwasher, clean out the insides and have a better effect on the dish washer’s performance on your dishes.  

As providers of appliance parts for home appliances, Appliance Parts Company provides customers all over the U.S. with replacement parts, advice and warranties from leading manufacturers like General Electric, Whirlpool and Maytag.

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  1. It is also safer to have a professional check the appliances if its already a fire hazard for safety precautions.

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