Find HVAC Repair Parts Online

The best home HVAC system is the one that works great, stays relatively quiet, and works as it’s supposed to. It should be a no-brainer, right? Homeowners want cool air from the air conditioning unit in the warm summer months, and warm heat during the cold winter. More importantly you should be able to have peace of mind that your home’s heating and air conditioning needs are operating at top performance.

Repair PartsWhatever time of the year, HVAC systems should be serviced regularly. If you sign up for a company’s HVAC service agreement, you’ll be pretty much assured of regular HVAC maintenance. If you don’t, then you’ll have to keep a close eye on your system, and watch out for failing equipment. Maintaining your own HVAC system could end up costing, time and energy.

In the event of failing equipment, you can search online for replacement HVAC parts from Appliance Parts Company. They are a leading appliance parts replacement dealer in the Southwest US, and can find part for your HVAC system, from fan blades to condensers to exhaust fans.

Here are the keys aspects of doing your own HVAC maintenance

Use a good air filter: Forget the $6 air filters at Walmart – get your home some of the high-end filters. These include an electrostatic charge that magnetizes particles in the air and draws them into the air filter. These filters are particularly effective with bacteria from animal hair and insects.

Change the air filter every 3 months: Replace your filter every quarter of the year, or more in summer, when the air conditioner is blowing full blast. If you check your filter monthly and find a dark and clogged filter, replace it right away. If there are pets in the house, look to change your filter more frequently.

Check thermostat settings: Keep your home cool with a programmable thermostat. Cool down your home at specified times, not when you’re away from your home for several hours. You’ll save money and wear and tear on your unit with a programmable thermostat. If necessary, use a local HVAC company to check the settings to make sure the HVAC system is working properly for both heating and cooling.

Clean debris from HVAC and AC units: Keep the area clean around HVAC and A/C units. Make sure to have about two ft. of open space, with no bushes, shrubbery or more to interfere with air fans and more. Clean the top and sides of outdoor A/C units, especially during the leave-falling season where you live.

Clean A/C drain: Your air conditioner has a condensate drain. Pour a mixture of bleach and water down this drain to prevent any mold or algae buildup. If the drain piece is faulty, replace it here.

For all your HVAC unit replacement needs, try the pros at Appliance Parts Company. We have a wide assortment of HVAC replacement parts for your home. We are well-known throughout the US Southwest for having the right replacement parts for many brands of major home appliances.


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New Range Hoods for Kitchen Stoves

One of the essential kitchen needs for cooking is an energy-efficient range hood. Without a well-performing range hood, grease splatters, steam and moisture, cooking odors and heat from all the stove top cooking can damage the stove and the surrounding areas. It makes sense for a range hood to be as wide as the entire cooking area. You can get a sense of the wide variety of styles and finish options on today’s best range hoods.

Why range hoods are important

Range hoods help prevent your kitchen from accumulating buildup and condensation from cooking effects of steam, moisture, grease splatters and more. Even buildup of carbon monoxide can occur without proper ventilation of the range hood. Here’s how range hoods contribute to the well-being and safety of your kitchen cooking area:

  • Draw in Steam and Moisture: Cooking on a hot stove creates moisture and steam in the kitchen air. If you do not use a range hood, your home’s humidity will rise, which could spark mold and mildew in the house.
  • Gather the Grease: Range hoods are very effective in trapping grease odors and splatters from cooking. The hood’s filter traps the grease, instead of the grease spreading all over your counter and stovetop. Remember to clean the filter regularly.
  • Minimize Heat: Range hoods are very effective at minimizing heat from cooking. Keeping the hot air from cooking to a minimum, will help reduce your air conditioning bill in a hot summer.
  • Keep Indoor Air Cleaner: Your range hood sucks in odors and some chemicals like formaldehyde and drives them out of the home through the air duct.

range hoodsTypes of range hoods

The three most common range hood canopies found in US homes are these:

Compact canopies

Compact canopies are popular due to the flexible nature. These can be positioned in different ways; built into an adjoining cupboard, or above your cooking area or exposed as a design feature of your overall kitchen. Some compact canopies offer a recirculation option, for kitchens where ducting to the exterior of the house isn’t possible. 

Wall canopies

This range hood style (pictured above) is a popular option, as it delivers excellent performance all around. The air from your cooking gets sent through the ducts to your home’s outside area, either through the roof or a wall.

Island canopies

For kitchens with island cooking areas and large kitchen areas, this is the type of range hood you should look at using. Island canopies have great performance in extracting cooking air and moisture to the outside of your house, most often through the roof.

The versatility of range hoods makes them appealing to homeowners. There are basic units that are wall-mounted and ductless, and there are more expansive systems with multiple features like timers, lights and more. Other range hood designs can be fit in your kitchen over the stove areas – you simply slide it out for use. Another style works as a shelf for a microwave oven, with venting fans underneath.

If you need replacements range hoods for your kitchen stove, check out our catalog of at Appliance Parts Company. We have an assortment of replacement range hoods, all under $60 and available to ship immediately. So if your range hood is not removing the cooking fumes out, check in with us for a replacement range hood.

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New Parts for Outdoor BBQ Grills

Summer is clearly into its dog days, as they say, even here in the great U.S. Southwest. The nights feel a little shorter, the air seems a little crisper (if not yet colder) and evening grill sessions are still happening every weekend across the region.

BBQSo don’t let your grill go unused just yet. It’s still a great time to do outdoor grilling and if your BBQ setup needs some BBQ replacement parts, then we’ve got the parts you need. Do a quick mid-season summer checkup on your grill:

  • Is your BBQ grill still performing as well as it was at the start of grilling season?
  • Or is the grilling shelf encrusted with meat juice that you can no longer scrape off? Maybe it’s time to replace it with a sparkling new grilling shelf.
  • What about your digital thermostat – is it showing signs of temperature error and is causing some of your favorite meats and fishes to go undercooked?

These are the types of products you can find in our catalog of replacement BBQ parts for all you outdoor grill masters.

Other types of grill issues may pop up – let’s take a look at some of these as well.

Extra Hot Grill: Be careful of extra hot grills. This could be an issue with the burner or valve assembly. When you have a hot grill, you risk overcooking your food because of the high temperatures, or worse, you will create a grill fire. We recommend cleaning your grill thoroughly if you are faced with this issue. Double check the grease residue on the grill, monitor the burner for heat issues, too.

No Burner Lights: For those having problems with getting the burner to light, there are a few solutions. Make sure to check the burner gas collector , as well as the ignition wires that connect to the electrode and ignition, too. Also, assess the gas units going to the grill or double check the source of the natural gas.

See this page for more helpful tips in restoring the outdoor gas grill if faced with burner or wiring issues as described above.

If you need new replacements parts for your BBQ gas grill, check out our catalog at Appliance Parts Company. We have an assortment of replacement gas grill parts, from new grill shelves, to new motors for your BBQ setup. Summer grilling season is not yet over, so don’t let your heavily-used grill just sit there for the rest of the summer.

Get the replacement parts you need for BBQ grills and other home appliances like refrigerators, stoves, ovens, ranges and more. Our knowledgeable staff can provide replacement appliance parts online, by mail or through our 12 Southwest USA stores across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Check out our inventory at

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Save Money and Lower Energy Costs on Home

In the US southwest, the months of May-October can stay pretty hot. Arizona’s average daily temperature in July is about 106 degrees. With that kind of heat, you’re likely using your air conditioner on a 24-7 basis through the summer.

low energyWhen you use your air conditioner that much, it puts pressure on your summer spending on energy and utilities. But you can look at some helpful tips to reduce your usage on home appliances throughout the summer, and keep your energy costs low.

Some enterprising homeowners, like this couple in the Washington DC area, are experimenting with ‘net-zero’ homes.

A net-zero home is generally a newly built structure that benefits from adding super insulation on spaces in the home that don’t require much to heat or cool. On top of that is placed geothermal systems, solar panels and more to make these home operate as efficiently from an energy perspective as possible.

Not everyone might have the resources to gut renovate a home to create a net-zero home, but there are steps that homeowners can take to make their homes more energy efficient all year round. Developing a plan for your home smart energy use could help you save money, reduce the use of natural energy resources, and keep a little more spending money in your pocket.

Summers in Arizona are hot, there’s no way to get around that. But you can make sure that you’re prepared for the heat. Try these ideas for a smarter way to budget for summer:

  • Call in an expert and do an energy audit in your home. Find out which parts of the house are hotter than others. Find out where hot air is leaking into your home. Then work to eliminate those inefficiencies.
  • Set the A/C thermostat a little higher. When it’s 106 degrees outside, you probably don’t need the air conditioner set to 69 degrees. The S. Energy Department recommendssetting you’re A/C thermostat to 78 degrees or even higher. Doing so can save homeowners between 6-18 percent on summer cooling bills.
  • If you live alone, and are headed out for the day, feel free to lift that thermostat even higher. Your home, condo or apartment will survive in 80-85 degrees while you’re away. Of course, if you have children, pets or others in the home, keep the air conditioner temperature at a comfortable level.
  • Keep the hot southwest sunshine out of your windows. Use window awnings or other types of window shades and blinds to block the sun’s rays from heating up the inside of your home. Reports show that window shades can lower summer heat by about 65% on south-facing windows and up to nearly 80% on west-facing windows.

Use these money and energy-savings tips to keep your home cool in the summer. And if you need appliance parts for any broken appliances, contact the pros at Appliance Parts Company. We do repairs and replacements of parts for all your home appliances to help you save money and lower your energy costs.

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Home Appliance Automation with Smartphones

Home automation systems are getting a lot of attention these days because of the connectivity factor with people’s smartphones. It’s part of the ‘Internet of Things’ kool-aid that home appliance manufacturers are drinking to bring technology innovations into today’s major home appliances.

automatedYou (and your smartphone) will be able to control your refrigerator, washer and dryer, dishwasher and more through smart apps. The only hitch is that all these smart gadgets are using separate apps. There is an appliance industry movement to unify the big players like Google and Apple to use a standardized app platform. When that arrives is anybody’s guess, but in the meantime, major home appliance manufacturers keep producing Internet-enabled stoves, ovens, refrigerators and more. Lets have a look:

Appliance automation

Two examples stand out in this new era of smartphone automation with appliances. For example, stove manufacturer Dacor sells a professional smart oven range. The appliance has two ovens, and six burners, and a built-in Android device for connectivity and operations control.

And GE now has wall ovens that allow users to use their smartphone app to manage the cooking time, temperature and food status of food in the oven. The exciting part is that a new update lets busy users control the oven even when they are outside the house! These marvels of technology don’t come cheap – GE’s remote-enabled wall ovens are priced between $2,300 and $3,800.

Lifestyle choices

Of course, not everyone is ready (or willing) to set up their kitchen with smartphone-enabled automation. Does your lifestyle require you to set up dining options on your smartphone every day? Possibly, or not. But the fact that you can do this over your phone today is what is keeping everyone excited.

Want to check the status of that laundry wash cycle that you set up to run an hour ago? Now you can. Or maybe you threw leftover vegetables and meat into a crockpot earlier in the day and now while you’re out, you want to turn it on. Use your smartphone-enabled app to start.

But if you’re like the majority of Americans using manual major home appliances, you need to know that your appliance will work consistently and continuously. What if your refrigerator’s cooling switch falters? What if your stove isn’t heating as hot as it should, and as a result, you’re food is being undercooked?

These are the more common problems for the average homeowner than finding the app on your phone to cook tonight’s meal. If your appliance has stopped working, or you know it needs a new part, where do you turn?

Contact the pros at Appliance Parts Company. Our catalog of replacement parts for today’s major home appliances can ease the stress of any homeowner. Simply check out our online catalog  and find the part for your particular refrigerator, dishwasher, range or other major home appliance. We’ll be sure to help you.


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Should You Buy Appliances Online?

Have you ever considered buying home appliances online? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. With online shopping rising in popularity and common usage, consumers are seeing more items like microwave ovens, toasters, blenders and more being offered. But when it comes to large appliances, like refrigerators, washer-dryers and freezers, Americans are a bit more timid to try to make a purchase like that.

Consumer Reports recently onlinesurveyed its readers if they’d bought any major appliances online. But only 11% said they’d bought a major appliance online. This low number is due to factors like shipping costs, installation needs upon arrival and general know-how in buying major home appliances online. Of course, shipping a refrigerator across the United States is a costly procedure, simply due to the weight of the appliance.

But if you pay attention to online sites like and, you can take advantage of the immense inventory of each of these online retailers, and sometimes find great deals on major home appliances. Here are some ideas to consider for the next time you’re looking to buy online.

Know When to Shop

Retailers often offer new refrigerators at special discounts at different times during the year. Major home appliance companies often introduce new models and want to sell their older inventory, For today’s savvy shoppers, timing is everything. Knowing when these bargains come about can result in savings of hundreds of dollars.

Here’s a quick checklist to follow if you’re shopping for a new refrigerator:

  • Most refrigerator manufacturers offer their new year models in the spring. So look for deals online by May and Memorial Day through June.
  • Appliance retailers often try to hit sales quotas at the end of the month, so shopping at that time could result in saving money on new refrigerators.
  • Shopping on Thursdays is known in appliance industry circles as a good day to find bargains.

Extra tips for online shoppers

  • Did you know that even using different Internet browsers can offer up extra savings? Checking appliance prices online can yield different prices on Chrome or Safari than Internet Explorer.
  • Buying from a major appliance retailer? Some stores may offer extra discounts when you fill out an application for a credit card on their site.
  • Appliance replacement businesses often have knowledge of which manufacturer is able to offer deeply discounted appliances. Check with your local appliance replacement service company about any refrigerator deals you might find online (or locally!) to save you money.

Replacement Parts Needed

If shopping for a new refrigerator is not in the cards for you or your budget is less than anticipated, chances are that your existing model may need replacement parts down the line. For the right part at the right price, contact Appliance Parts Company.

We are an authorized Internet seller of factory-certified replacement parts for water filter systems from major appliance makers Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen-Aid, and Jenn-Air. Our knowledgeable staff can provide replacement appliance parts online, by mail or through our 12 Southwest USA stores across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.


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What are the Best made US appliances?

A recent Consumer Reports survey on best American-made home appliances made news lately, as it showed how competitive the US appliance market has become. It seems that US appliance manufacturers are producing more of their their premium and luxury appliance brand models on US shores, but continuing to outsource lower-priced appliance models to foreign countries and independent contractors. .

From the pro-style ranges are made in KitchenAid’s factory in Cleveland, the KitchenAid dishwashers that are manufactured in Findlay, Ohio, the range of US-made appliances is impressive. Brands that made the list that Appliance Parts Company has serviced and carried parts for in the past include Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag, General Electric and others.

Higher prices for premium models?

As premium models continue to get produced in America, prices on US-made models might be a little higher for consumers. But that higher price comes with the satisfaction of knowing that the appliance is made on US soil with American ingenuity. And many US consumers still like to shop for American models.

But even those US-made products are still prone to breakdowns, service repairs and appliance part replacements. Much of the problems stem from the increased amount of high-tech gadgetry that’s part of today’s dishwashers, refrigerators and washer-dryers. From electronic LED screens, to touch-screen water and ice dispensers, to automatic washing load directions, more software is causing more appliance breakdowns.

A good indicator for when appliance replacement parts might be needed for your home appliance is roughly the length of time you’ve owned your major home appliance. If you’ve had that over range for 5-6 years, and that dishwasher for 6-7 years, then chances are, those appliance might need a replacement part at some point soon.

For instance, little signs can tip you off. In a refrigerator, you should look to see if the door is shutting properly, or if the food is being cooled sufficiently. Deficiencies in either area may mean that you need a new fridge gasket or new cooling Freon added. If you need to upgrade because your fridge is older than a decade, then shop around for an energy-efficient refrigerator that can save you money by keeping your food cool on relatively little power.

So when the time comes to find that specific appliance replacement part for your home appliance, consider shopping online at Appliance Parts Company, located in Arizona and serving the greater southwest with many types of appliance parts for major appliances.

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