Do The Spring Clean and Repair for Household Appliances

Spring is here, and with it comes anew the human need to clean, organize, repair and refresh. We manage our outdoor settings very well in the area – from hedge trimming, to lawn mowing, to exterior painting.  

But what about interiors? After you mop the floor, check the filters, clean the oven and unclog the drains, what’s left? Plenty! Homeowners learn over time that if they neglect the upkeep and maintenance of their household appliances, they will break down at unexpected times. Even though common household appliances like washing machine and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, cooking ranges and other household appliances are expected to last, without proper upkeep, they will break down.  

So take the opportunity with Spring’s arrival to doublecheck your key home appliances. Here are a few tips to make sure you know what to look for:  

1.  Lost or Misplaced items – Many of our small appliances in the home, like electric coffee makers, indoor grils, electric fry pans and waffle irons, get used often and occasionaly we’ll bring them to friends and neighbors homes. When this happens, we can lose some of the household appliance accessories. And then you’re left with a non-functioning appliance. So it’s time to search online for your needed part from vendors of appliance parts.   household appliance repair, Appliance Parts

2.  Ovens and stoves? Spring cleaning our stoves and ovens is important. You not only want to keep them clean, but you want to make sure the heat is cooking your food, not leaking out to heat your residence. When this happens, it may be time to repair the oven.  

Door gaskets are usually at fault. The gasket is normally located on the oven frame,m and the oven door closes on it. If you can feel heat coming out from around the oven door, you are wasting money and energy, and diminishing your cooking ability. Replace the gasket with popular replacement models for major brand models. If you cannot replace the gasket on your own, then  call a professional service person to help. You’ll be happy you did.

Drain the dishwasher!   Spring cleaning should definitely include checking all parts of the dishwasher. This home appliance gets used nightly, and as such, should be ready to perform as needed.  

If you have a leak, check these: the inlet valve, the motor shaft water seal, the door latch and the water inlet tubing. Inlet valves can get clogged when a small piece of debris gets caught in the tubing. The motor shaft water seal helps prevent water from seeping through. Sometimes, a leak will develop where the water supply tubing is connected at the water inlet valve.   

If you’ve done your spring cleaning, and need household appliance parts, find them at Appliance Parts Company, which has one of the largest selections of household appliance parts.  It partners with the biggest names in the household appliance business: Viking, Whirlpool, General Electric, Maytag and many others. Find appliance replacement parts, advice and more at its site.

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