New Parts for Outdoor BBQ Grills

Summer is clearly into its dog days, as they say, even here in the great U.S. Southwest. The nights feel a little shorter, the air seems a little crisper (if not yet colder) and evening grill sessions are still happening every weekend across the region.

BBQSo don’t let your grill go unused just yet. It’s still a great time to do outdoor grilling and if your BBQ setup needs some BBQ replacement parts, then we’ve got the parts you need. Do a quick mid-season summer checkup on your grill:

  • Is your BBQ grill still performing as well as it was at the start of grilling season?
  • Or is the grilling shelf encrusted with meat juice that you can no longer scrape off? Maybe it’s time to replace it with a sparkling new grilling shelf.
  • What about your digital thermostat – is it showing signs of temperature error and is causing some of your favorite meats and fishes to go undercooked?

These are the types of products you can find in our catalog of replacement BBQ parts for all you outdoor grill masters.

Other types of grill issues may pop up – let’s take a look at some of these as well.

Extra Hot Grill: Be careful of extra hot grills. This could be an issue with the burner or valve assembly. When you have a hot grill, you risk overcooking your food because of the high temperatures, or worse, you will create a grill fire. We recommend cleaning your grill thoroughly if you are faced with this issue. Double check the grease residue on the grill, monitor the burner for heat issues, too.

No Burner Lights: For those having problems with getting the burner to light, there are a few solutions. Make sure to check the burner gas collector , as well as the ignition wires that connect to the electrode and ignition, too. Also, assess the gas units going to the grill or double check the source of the natural gas.

See this page for more helpful tips in restoring the outdoor gas grill if faced with burner or wiring issues as described above.

If you need new replacements parts for your BBQ gas grill, check out our catalog at Appliance Parts Company. We have an assortment of replacement gas grill parts, from new grill shelves, to new motors for your BBQ setup. Summer grilling season is not yet over, so don’t let your heavily-used grill just sit there for the rest of the summer.

Get the replacement parts you need for BBQ grills and other home appliances like refrigerators, stoves, ovens, ranges and more. Our knowledgeable staff can provide replacement appliance parts online, by mail or through our 12 Southwest USA stores across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Check out our inventory at

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