Find HVAC Repair Parts Online

The best home HVAC system is the one that works great, stays relatively quiet, and works as it’s supposed to. It should be a no-brainer, right? Homeowners want cool air from the air conditioning unit in the warm summer months, and warm heat during the cold winter. More importantly you should be able to have peace of mind that your home’s heating and air conditioning needs are operating at top performance.

Repair PartsWhatever time of the year, HVAC systems should be serviced regularly. If you sign up for a company’s HVAC service agreement, you’ll be pretty much assured of regular HVAC maintenance. If you don’t, then you’ll have to keep a close eye on your system, and watch out for failing equipment. Maintaining your own HVAC system could end up costing, time and energy.

In the event of failing equipment, you can search online for replacement HVAC parts from Appliance Parts Company. They are a leading appliance parts replacement dealer in the Southwest US, and can find part for your HVAC system, from fan blades to condensers to exhaust fans.

Here are the keys aspects of doing your own HVAC maintenance

Use a good air filter: Forget the $6 air filters at Walmart – get your home some of the high-end filters. These include an electrostatic charge that magnetizes particles in the air and draws them into the air filter. These filters are particularly effective with bacteria from animal hair and insects.

Change the air filter every 3 months: Replace your filter every quarter of the year, or more in summer, when the air conditioner is blowing full blast. If you check your filter monthly and find a dark and clogged filter, replace it right away. If there are pets in the house, look to change your filter more frequently.

Check thermostat settings: Keep your home cool with a programmable thermostat. Cool down your home at specified times, not when you’re away from your home for several hours. You’ll save money and wear and tear on your unit with a programmable thermostat. If necessary, use a local HVAC company to check the settings to make sure the HVAC system is working properly for both heating and cooling.

Clean debris from HVAC and AC units: Keep the area clean around HVAC and A/C units. Make sure to have about two ft. of open space, with no bushes, shrubbery or more to interfere with air fans and more. Clean the top and sides of outdoor A/C units, especially during the leave-falling season where you live.

Clean A/C drain: Your air conditioner has a condensate drain. Pour a mixture of bleach and water down this drain to prevent any mold or algae buildup. If the drain piece is faulty, replace it here.

For all your HVAC unit replacement needs, try the pros at Appliance Parts Company. We have a wide assortment of HVAC replacement parts for your home. We are well-known throughout the US Southwest for having the right replacement parts for many brands of major home appliances.


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