Broken Appliances Don’t Mean a Broken Home

The world today seems awash in devices, from personal smart phones and tablets that allow us to watch, read, and listen to music, entertainment, movies and more. But at last glance I don’t think my smart phone was able to toast my bread, keep my meat cool or wash my clothes. Until that day happens, I’d have to safely say that eve in today’s digitally connected world, our household appliances still matter more to us than our devices.   

Homeowners rely on appliances for all sorts of small chores throughout the day, like washing clothes, to cooling foods to heating up last night’s leftovers. Our appliances are so essential to our everyday life that it becomes a major ordeal when our air-conditioner or heating unit breaks down, or if our refrigerator no longer performs at top level. That’s the unspoken beauty of household appliances; we only seem to notice them when they break down.  
broken household appliances

The unwritten rule of 99% of all appliances is that they will stop working at some point. When it happens, it can cause a small or major inconvenience, depending on the severity of the appliance. Because homeowners recognize that the cost is large to replace broken appliances, many people try to repair appliances more cost-effectively using appliance parts service providers.   

To repair appliances and find appliance parts, you should know the following about your broken household appliance(s):  

If an appliance is still under warranty, you may be in luck to replace instead of repair your broken appliance. While many appliances are expected to last for 10-15 years, some oft-used appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens can last far fewer years if they have more activity from household members.  

Prices for replacing damaged or worn parts on appliances are lower than the cost of replacing appliances with new models. Appliance repair professionals will tell you that you’re better off replacing the appliance part if your repair costs are almost half the cost of a fully new appliance. For example, if the cost to repair your 3-yr. old refrigerator comes to about half of what it would cost to buy a new fridge, then you may want to spend the $2000 or so on a new appliance.  

Most appliances have average life cycles of anywhere from 7-15 years, depending on the frequency and conditions of use. See this chart for some comparisons on average appliance lifespans.  

Once an appliance starts to age past its recommended age range, it might be time to start looking at appliance replacement parts, or fully investing in new models.   

If it costs you less to fix an appliance, then it’s best to make the product fix with a professional. You’ll have to judge whether your budget allows for using appliance replacement parts or choosing to purchase a new model.  

For all your appliance parts needs, look to professional organizations like Appliance Parts Company, which carries over 450,000 appliance parts for most major appliances. Its customer service team can help you with info on parts and models, and can assist installation instructions, maintenance tips, great prices and fast delivery for all of you appliance repair needs.

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