DIY Approach to Home Appliance Repairs

When your household appliance stops working for some reason, how do you deal with the issue? What’s your first instinct? Might you call the manufacturer’s preferred local technician? Or do you choose to contact your neighbor handyman?

More homeowhelpners are using social media and the Internet to find online replacement appliance parts and get the part that’s needed. Homeowners are learning that they don’t always have to call a local repair guy. With a few mouse clicks, or finger swipes on their mobile devices, you can save money, avoid hassles and lift up your own home ownership confidence.

For example, if your refrigerator door is not closing properly, and leaking out cold air into the home, you might look for a replacement refrigerator door gasket that fits the specifications of your refrigerator. Or if you find that your stove is not heating properly, you can check to see if a new bake element is required.

One of our customers recently shared her story of how she’s finished with calling expensive technicians. Her patience was tested in this way:

“My microwave stopped working about 3 weeks ago – dead in the water. We checked the circuit breaker, we checked the plug – nothing. No power to the thing. I called the manufacturer and was told to contact one of its preferred repair shops. I did that and a repairman eventually arrived. Here’s what he did.

  • unscrewed four bolts and pulled the microwave from its slot
  • unscrewed six more screws to take the microwave cover off, then he tested the unit with an electric tester. We learned (sarcasm here) it didn’t work!
  • He found out a fuse was needed. He looked it up, replaced it, turned a few more screws to put the microwave back into into place, and turned it on and it worked.

The technician charged me $3 for the damn fuse but $200 for a labor-visit charge! I was astounded. His work took all of 15 minutes! I learned a valuable lesson. Next time, I will definitely go with a DIY approach first and find the right appliance parts I need online and look to first fix the problem myself!”

What a disaster! How many times have you been through something similar with a service technician and ended up overpaying for the time and effort expended? If you can remember a recent experience like the one told above, then it’s time to take a DIY fix-it approach.

We wanted to share this story to show you that you can get the job done with a little help from Appliance Parts Company to find the right replacement part for your home appliance. We have in our online stock many leading manufacturers’ most common appliance parts for washer and dryers, stoves and ranges, refrigerators, and more. Get in touch with us at Appliance Parts Company for replacement appliance parts that cost less than going through the recommended manufacturer’s sites. You’ll be happy you did!


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