Replacement Water Filters for your Refrigerator

So many of today’s high-end refrigerator models offer built-in ice and water dispensers, which give homeowners the convenience and ease of getting water and ice without having to open up refrigerator or freezer doors. But with this convenience comes the extra costs of ownership, increased maintenance, possibility of breakdowns and needing to change the water filters 2-4 times a year, depending on the usage patterns in the kitchen.

icemakersThat hasn’t stopped US homeowners from buying these refrigerators with water dispensers in droves. Sales are up for water and ice-dispensing refrigerators, among all the various types of recommended refrigerators from Consumer Reports. The main reason is for convenience. Getting water from the front of the refrigerator eliminates the need for bottled filtered water bought at the grocery store, or having to open and shut both freezer and fridge doors for ice and water. Moms love the convenience and kids love the ease of use.

Convenience and Taste

Besides the ease and convenience to homeowners, there is also the promise of clean filtered water as a result of these high-tech water dispensers. On most dispensers, water runs through a built-in filter that captures chemicals like lead and mercury, while simultaneously improving the taste of the water. Most of us agree that the refrigerator water taste beats that of water in plastic bottles sold in U.S. grocery stores. And homeowners who fill their own water bottles at home with refrigerator ice and water will help keep extra plastic from landfills in their communities.

Dispenser Drawbacks

However, detractors point to some downsides of built-in water and ice dispensers. There is the added cost of refrigerators with the built-in dispenser units. There are also extra electric costs for the dispenser unit itself. In addition, refrigerators with ice and water dispensers in the door suffer from increased breakdowns. This requires repairs or a new fridge unit by homeowners. And lastly, homeowners need to be aware of any leaks from the unit, and must be diligent with the changing of the water filters.

Replacement refrigerator filters

There’s good news for you if you’re one of these customers. Appliance Parts Company carries many of the leading manufacturers’ brands of water filters for your refrigerator brand and model. We carry replacement water filters from the likes of LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, General Electric, Electrolux and others.

Check the prices of our refrigerator replacement filters against other online stores. You’ll find that we offer manufacturers’ brands at low prices. This gives homeowners the flexibility of shopping with Appliance Parts Company for replacement refrigerator water filters that bring clean, filtered drinking water to your family’s refrigerator.


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