Not Again! DIY Fixes for your Home Laundry Dryer

Today’s modern laundry dryers are terrific machines that can get your clothes dry quickly, and efficiently, through various time and heat intensity cycles. Models from GE, Whirlpool, and LG dominate the marketplace. But many Americans still use older dryers which generally work well, if not without all the bells and whistles.

Dryer replacementOver time, these models might start to show signs of use and it may be time for you to give your dryer a thorough DIY inspection. Checking out your home dryer is something we likely never do. What we usually do with our dryer is:

1) Fill it with wet clothes from the washer

2) Close the door

3) Set the heat cycle and turn it on.

Dryers are often not even looked at by homeowners. But a simple checkup can give you insights into what may be causing faulty performance over time. Let’s find out what you can do on your own before you’ll have to search online for dryer replacement parts.

Troubleshooting a dryer can be fairly easy. It depends on how which DIY troubleshooting you do. Many dryers fall prey to faulty performance because of a malfunctioning timer switch, a broken heating element or a defective dryer door switch. To check if the door switch is broken, you’ll have to pull your dryer away from the wall and unplug it for safety. Next, look for the clips near the back of the dryer. You’ll need to unlatch these two to get at the switch. Once you can reach the switch, remove the wires attached to it and replace the switch.

Sometimes, the dryer timer sticks, and the dryer drum can continue to rotate. This could happen even after the cycle has finished – the dryer still runs after the timer control is showing that it’s in the off position. If this is the problem, simply remove the timer control knob and the screws holding the control panel in place. Then check the piece you need against an appliance replacement parts store inventory image and description. Order the piece and

when it comes, be sure to reattach it with the same wires you removed from the old timer.

One more DIY checkup you can do on your dryer is searching for a faulty wiring harness. If you notice your dryer running continuously without stopping, then the culprit is a broken wiring harness. Shorts can occur in the wiring – that’s what causes dryers to run without stopping. Maybe the wires are out of their coverings and have touched, causing the short. Look to separate the wires and cover them with black electrical tape to prevent the wires from causing more electrical shorts.

Dryers generally perform well under most circumstances, but you may have to show some fix it insights if the machine in uncooperative. Check your dryer for issues, find the right dryer replacement appliance parts online and soon you’ll be back to dry clothes.


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