Why Choose OEM Appliance Replacements Parts

Large home appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators and ovens/stoves are all manufactured with parts from an original manufacturer. Over time, however, as these appliances get used on a daily basis, parts may fail and the overall operation of the appliance slows down. It’s at that point when you start to consider the need for a new part or parts to repair your washer, dryer, refrigerator or stove.

Many consumers seek out their warranties at first glimpse of trouble. If the original manufacturer’s parts can fit the bill at the right price, then that’s the way to go. But if the part or the appliance itself is no longer made by the original manufacturer, then it’s time for plan B. You’ll likely have to seek out the part from an experienced appliance parts specialist to get your appliance back in prime working condition. Often, repair and parts shops will have the original manufacturer’s part in stock. This is known as the OEM part.

OEM is an abbreviation for ‘original equipment manufacturer’. OEM parts are originally made for, and supplied by the same manufacturer of the appliance. Getting OEM parts from a specialist dealer like Appliance Parts Company can save you headaches and stresses later on.

Appliances use many different items, like gaskets, seals, belts, lights, refrigerants, filters and more. A lot of these parts are specific to the appliance itself, or to the family of appliances under the original manufacturer. They have specific designs and particular use requirements that are often critical to a normally performing appliance. For instance, it’s been many years since your parents’ time, when a budding handyman could just use any old rubber belt as a replacement on the drum of a clothing dryer.

It’s best to always consider using OEM factory repair parts for all your appliances. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • OEM parts protect your appliance’s warranty – Some appliance warranties are written to specify the use of only OEM parts for any repair or replacement parts work. If you use generic parts, there is a chance of the warranty becoming void. 
  • OEM parts are best – these appliance replacement parts are straight from the original equipment manufacturer. If you need a GE part, or an Amana part, or a Whirlpool part, you’ll be certain they are meant for your appliance. And that they’ll work as well as the original part.
  • OEM parts save money long-term – Non OEM parts might cost less money at your online specialist. But if that part isn’t the absolute right part, it may end up doing more harm than good for your appliance.
  • OEM parts come fully warrantied – Generic appliance parts often are guaranteed on a certain machine. However, each OEM part comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall, consumers should look beyond the absolute bottom price for appliance replacement parts. The lower cost of generic parts should not be the determining factor for your appliance recovery. The quality of appliance replacement parts depends more on the manufacturer, rather than the part itself.

Your appliances should last you. If they don’t, and you need appliance replacement parts, then look to the OEM selection from Appliance Parts Company. We carry a wide range of warranty parts from many of today’s major appliance manufacturers.

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