Looking for the Best Dishwasher?

One of the great American innovations of the last century surely has to be the dishwasher. Taking away the drudgery of washing dishes by hand and creating a machine that cleans dishes within an enclosed space has been a benefit to men, women and children everywhere.

bestdishwasherThe first domestic dishwashers came about in the 1920s in the US, but were still mostly unknown until the 1950s, when post-war prosperity saw more use of dishwashers in more affluent homes. By the mid-1970s, dishwashers had moved into the mainstream and were in many middle-class homes. Today, many of us could not imagine our homes without a dishwasher, especially after large family dinners!

Today, American homeowners are seeking the best of the best in dishwashers. Many new dishwasher models are ranking highly in tests, according to Reviewed.com. This is due to the new models using sound-cancelling technology to assure quiet wash cycles, higher-quality materials to make the machine and more.

Among the new models making waves according to recent tests are the new models from Bosch, Samsung, Electrolux and KitchenAid. Particularly, the Electrolux models were easy to use, looked great inside and out, and cleaned dishes very well. KitchenAid’s new model was also lauded for a new filter that takes away dried on food scraps on dishes.

Dishwashers today are like microwave ovens – there are basic models that get used in common apartment units, schools and cafeterias. With much prolonged use, these are the models that might need replacement parts down the road. But new well-reviewed models are being built with technology in mind, and longevity to spare.

The Best Dishwashers

Digital Trends highlights the new Bosch 500 Series as its highest ranked model, boasting an equally high cost (retail about $950). The Bosch model gives homeowners an amazing range of sound-reducing technologies to damp down the noise of the dishwasher. Since many people run their dishwasher when they retire to bed, having a quiet dishwasher that doesn’t need new appliance parts is a godsend. Bosch assures owners that each dishwasher cycle uses high-temperature washes, variable wash cycles, and water rinses that are triple filtered to avoid any laborious pre-rinsing needs. This machine is a winner.

The new General Electric Top Control Dishwasher is also highly ranked. This beauty features a

Piranha Hard Food Dispenser that attacks hardened food on plates with a rotating blade (at 3,600 RPM). This fast-rotating blade obliterates large food particles before they are able to fall to the bottom of the dishwasher and clog the machine. There is also no need for pre-rinsing or pre-washing with the new models. GE’s model has a built-in steam prewash that rids plates of thick caked on food parts.

Maybe you have an old dishwasher in your home that could be just as good as new with new dishwasher replacement parts. If so, contact us at Appliance Parts Company with your specific need for appliance replacement parts – we’ll make sure to help you and get your dishwasher running as good as new!


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