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Some of our most popular appliance replacement parts are highlighted on our website. If you are looking for replacement refrigerator water filters, or home water system parts, then you should click over to the home page of Appliance Parts Company.

Our company serves customers’ across Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Utah with replacement appliance parts needs for home appliances. Appliance Parts Company is an Authorized Internet Seller of Factory Certified Parts for Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen-Aid, and Jenn-Air. To get an idea of how many brand manufacturers we work with, click over to our page of links to appliance manufacturers.

Have a look below at what’s being featured in June on our home page.

Featured Parts

Save time and money! Look to us for all your household appliance parts needs, for washers, dryers, refrigerators, stove ranges and HVAC systems. Click over to Appliance Parts Company for parts to extend the life and service of your household appliances.

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When Moisture Forms Inside Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators are designed to be frost free and moisture-free on the inside. That’s when refrigerators are working at their peak performance. So when you find a buildup of moisture droplets, or a collection of ice inside your refrigerator, then you know that something’s not quite right.

Frost generally forms on older refrigerators when water vapor, warm air or increased humidity comes into contact with the refrigerator’s cooling coils. At that moment, the water vapor condenses, and liquid water. When you are drinking your cold lemonade or iced tea glass on a hot day, and there are beads of moisture Think of the water beading up on a glass of iced tea on a summer day — that is an example of water vapor in the air condensing. Similar science occurs with your refrigerator’s freezer coils; freezing happens when it gets into contact with the coils.

You could call out a serviceman to check it out for you, but you also might want to keep reading below to learn how to DIY the situation, using refrigerator replacement parts from Appliance Parts Company.

Why frost occurs

In most refrigerators, if the cool air inside the compartment meets the hot or humid air outside the compartment, it results in frost formation at the point of contact.

There are a variety of reasons for this, including that the door is not closing completely, or that the gaskets are dirty and not allowing for a complete seal around the door close. Some repairmen recommend the paper sheet test. This is when you close the refrigerator or freezer door on a sheet of paper. Once the door is shut, and you can still pull out the sheet of paper with minimal resistance, then it’s definitely time to replace the seals on the door.

Moisture and frost

Moisture in the air collects on cold surfaces inside the freezer, forming frost. Frost is an ice layer that insulates well. But in the performance of a refrigerator, it’s not ideal. So, if your refrigerator is showing frost areas, this means that some of the components might not be in top working order. You can then troubleshoot your refrigerator’s parts to see if they are working well. Here are some common culprits.

Door Seals

Check both the freezer door and the refrigerator door closely. Make sure that the seal is fully closing on the sides of the refrigerator. Door seals are often the first thing to go, especially in busy household that have a lot of refrigerator opens and closes. Check out the Appliance Parts Company online appliance parts catalogue to find the right replacement seals.

Evaporator Fan

Another opportunity for frost to form is on the evaporator fan near the back of your refrigerator. This fan blows cool air onto the fresh food in your refrigerator. If you hear that the fan is not blowing cool air, then it’s possible that the compressor has burnt out and needs to be replaced. You’ll be able to find that part on the Appliance Parts Company site.

Check back with the pros at Appliance Parts Company for all your refrigerator replacement parts needs. We’re happy to direct you to the right appliance part.


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Looking for the Best Dishwasher?

One of the great American innovations of the last century surely has to be the dishwasher. Taking away the drudgery of washing dishes by hand and creating a machine that cleans dishes within an enclosed space has been a benefit to men, women and children everywhere.

bestdishwasherThe first domestic dishwashers came about in the 1920s in the US, but were still mostly unknown until the 1950s, when post-war prosperity saw more use of dishwashers in more affluent homes. By the mid-1970s, dishwashers had moved into the mainstream and were in many middle-class homes. Today, many of us could not imagine our homes without a dishwasher, especially after large family dinners!

Today, American homeowners are seeking the best of the best in dishwashers. Many new dishwasher models are ranking highly in tests, according to This is due to the new models using sound-cancelling technology to assure quiet wash cycles, higher-quality materials to make the machine and more.

Among the new models making waves according to recent tests are the new models from Bosch, Samsung, Electrolux and KitchenAid. Particularly, the Electrolux models were easy to use, looked great inside and out, and cleaned dishes very well. KitchenAid’s new model was also lauded for a new filter that takes away dried on food scraps on dishes.

Dishwashers today are like microwave ovens – there are basic models that get used in common apartment units, schools and cafeterias. With much prolonged use, these are the models that might need replacement parts down the road. But new well-reviewed models are being built with technology in mind, and longevity to spare.

The Best Dishwashers

Digital Trends highlights the new Bosch 500 Series as its highest ranked model, boasting an equally high cost (retail about $950). The Bosch model gives homeowners an amazing range of sound-reducing technologies to damp down the noise of the dishwasher. Since many people run their dishwasher when they retire to bed, having a quiet dishwasher that doesn’t need new appliance parts is a godsend. Bosch assures owners that each dishwasher cycle uses high-temperature washes, variable wash cycles, and water rinses that are triple filtered to avoid any laborious pre-rinsing needs. This machine is a winner.

The new General Electric Top Control Dishwasher is also highly ranked. This beauty features a

Piranha Hard Food Dispenser that attacks hardened food on plates with a rotating blade (at 3,600 RPM). This fast-rotating blade obliterates large food particles before they are able to fall to the bottom of the dishwasher and clog the machine. There is also no need for pre-rinsing or pre-washing with the new models. GE’s model has a built-in steam prewash that rids plates of thick caked on food parts.

Maybe you have an old dishwasher in your home that could be just as good as new with new dishwasher replacement parts. If so, contact us at Appliance Parts Company with your specific need for appliance replacement parts – we’ll make sure to help you and get your dishwasher running as good as new!


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Home Appliance Q & A on Washers and Dryers

In our daily work with call-in customers and walk-in customers to our 13 appliance parts locations across the southwest US, we are asked questions about a variety of home appliances and quick-fix ways to get them running again properly. We’d like to share some of the more recent questions that have come our way. Hope you find some benefit in these answers in your own home appliance repair situation.

Q: Why is my washing machine making a clanging sound? I just set it up in my kitchen.

WashersA: If your top load washer was recently installed or moved to a new home, and is making a clanging sound, there is a chance that the shipping rod may still be installed. The shipping rod goes through the washing machine tub to keep it stabilized during truck transit. The rod should stay in the machine until your washer is properly installed. But if the washing machine is now stable at the location, you can remove the shipping rod. The shipping rod can be removed by pulling it out of the machine. You might feel some resistance upon first pulling it out.

Q: My washing machine is not spinning all the water out of a cycle – what do I do?

A: To get the washing machine drum to spin the water out a cycle is usually dependent on the lid switch working correctly. Try to press down the switch that gets activated when your lid is down. If it’s not starting to spin the drum, you might need a replacement switch.

Other causes could include an imbalance in the load, an electrical surge imbalance or perhaps even a faulty computer module within the washer itself. Check with your local appliance replacement parts store.

Q: Should I get a front load or top load washing machine?

A: Choosing between a front load washing machine and a top load washing machine unit is probably the toughest decision for a homeowner. Price is one factor, washing capacity is another and ease of repair and availability of appliance replacement parts is a third consideration. In general, retail prices are higher for front-load washers over top-load washing machines.

Front load washers are, in general, pricier than top load units. However, the most expensive top load units come with a higher price than lower-end front load washers. Another factor is wash capacity. Do you have a large family to wash clothes for? Or is it just one person’s wash? The more clothes being washed will mostly determine the need for a higher volume wash.

Check back with the pros at Appliance Parts Company for all your washer-dryer replacement parts needs. Our team will work with you to help you with your questions on fixing your home appliances.


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Finding Replacement Parts for Home Appliances

Remember the old film ‘Ghostbusters’ that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014? The hit song that many people still sing along to today included the refrain “Who Ya Gonna Call?” when wondering if there was ‘something strange in the neighborhood.’ Hopefully, there’s nothing strange in your neighborhood or even in your house.

That suggestion of “Who ya gonna call?” seems somewhat less important than “how ya gonna search?” when it comes to finding the right replacement parts for large home appliances. Increasingly, many of us will use our phones, tablets or laptops to get on the Internet and start searching for “Best Replacement Appliance Parts” online. Most of us simply want the right part, the right fix and one that can be delivered and/or mailed easily and affordably.

Where to find Appliance Replacements Parts Online

RepairpartsHomeowners are increasingly pressed for time and are going on the Web for the right appliance parts they need for any broken refrigerator parts, washer parts or others. Knowing how to search the Internet for the exact replacement parts needed doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. If you’re in a bind, and need a new thermostat or gasket for one of your home appliances, check with the pros at Appliance Parts Company.

At the Appliance Parts website, homeowners can look through its search catalog to find all sorts of replacement parts. Check your part model number against the catalog of replacement appliance parts for items like replacement tubs for washers, compressors for appliances, replacement gaskets, and various parts for stoves, ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage compactors and more.

Check out the low prices and vast catalog of parts on our site. Our staff experts will always be able to help you online to make your searches easy, especially with harder to find items. Using the Appliance Parts Company website will give you the peace of mind you need for finding the correct replacement parts needed for your broken home appliance.

With 13 U.S. locations in the greater southwest, Appliance Parts Company serves local homeowners in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah. In all of the physical locations, there are counter sales where you can talk about your replacement part need with a staffer. Or if you’re across the country, simply find the model and part you need in the catalog, and we’ll get it and ship to you within a day.

Appliance Parts Company carries parts for many makes, models, and brands of major home appliances. Additionally, we can offer our team’s expert advice on best ways to replace the parts on your own. So let your fingers do the walking! Search for ‘Appliance Parts Company’ and get the right model part you need! We’re your top online source for appliance parts, with more than 450,000 appliance parts for most major appliances.




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DIY Approach to Home Appliance Repairs

When your household appliance stops working for some reason, how do you deal with the issue? What’s your first instinct? Might you call the manufacturer’s preferred local technician? Or do you choose to contact your neighbor handyman?

More homeowhelpners are using social media and the Internet to find online replacement appliance parts and get the part that’s needed. Homeowners are learning that they don’t always have to call a local repair guy. With a few mouse clicks, or finger swipes on their mobile devices, you can save money, avoid hassles and lift up your own home ownership confidence.

For example, if your refrigerator door is not closing properly, and leaking out cold air into the home, you might look for a replacement refrigerator door gasket that fits the specifications of your refrigerator. Or if you find that your stove is not heating properly, you can check to see if a new bake element is required.

One of our customers recently shared her story of how she’s finished with calling expensive technicians. Her patience was tested in this way:

“My microwave stopped working about 3 weeks ago – dead in the water. We checked the circuit breaker, we checked the plug – nothing. No power to the thing. I called the manufacturer and was told to contact one of its preferred repair shops. I did that and a repairman eventually arrived. Here’s what he did.

  • unscrewed four bolts and pulled the microwave from its slot
  • unscrewed six more screws to take the microwave cover off, then he tested the unit with an electric tester. We learned (sarcasm here) it didn’t work!
  • He found out a fuse was needed. He looked it up, replaced it, turned a few more screws to put the microwave back into into place, and turned it on and it worked.

The technician charged me $3 for the damn fuse but $200 for a labor-visit charge! I was astounded. His work took all of 15 minutes! I learned a valuable lesson. Next time, I will definitely go with a DIY approach first and find the right appliance parts I need online and look to first fix the problem myself!”

What a disaster! How many times have you been through something similar with a service technician and ended up overpaying for the time and effort expended? If you can remember a recent experience like the one told above, then it’s time to take a DIY fix-it approach.

We wanted to share this story to show you that you can get the job done with a little help from Appliance Parts Company to find the right replacement part for your home appliance. We have in our online stock many leading manufacturers’ most common appliance parts for washer and dryers, stoves and ranges, refrigerators, and more. Get in touch with us at Appliance Parts Company for replacement appliance parts that cost less than going through the recommended manufacturer’s sites. You’ll be happy you did!


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Replacement Water Filters for your Refrigerator

So many of today’s high-end refrigerator models offer built-in ice and water dispensers, which give homeowners the convenience and ease of getting water and ice without having to open up refrigerator or freezer doors. But with this convenience comes the extra costs of ownership, increased maintenance, possibility of breakdowns and needing to change the water filters 2-4 times a year, depending on the usage patterns in the kitchen.

icemakersThat hasn’t stopped US homeowners from buying these refrigerators with water dispensers in droves. Sales are up for water and ice-dispensing refrigerators, among all the various types of recommended refrigerators from Consumer Reports. The main reason is for convenience. Getting water from the front of the refrigerator eliminates the need for bottled filtered water bought at the grocery store, or having to open and shut both freezer and fridge doors for ice and water. Moms love the convenience and kids love the ease of use.

Convenience and Taste

Besides the ease and convenience to homeowners, there is also the promise of clean filtered water as a result of these high-tech water dispensers. On most dispensers, water runs through a built-in filter that captures chemicals like lead and mercury, while simultaneously improving the taste of the water. Most of us agree that the refrigerator water taste beats that of water in plastic bottles sold in U.S. grocery stores. And homeowners who fill their own water bottles at home with refrigerator ice and water will help keep extra plastic from landfills in their communities.

Dispenser Drawbacks

However, detractors point to some downsides of built-in water and ice dispensers. There is the added cost of refrigerators with the built-in dispenser units. There are also extra electric costs for the dispenser unit itself. In addition, refrigerators with ice and water dispensers in the door suffer from increased breakdowns. This requires repairs or a new fridge unit by homeowners. And lastly, homeowners need to be aware of any leaks from the unit, and must be diligent with the changing of the water filters.

Replacement refrigerator filters

There’s good news for you if you’re one of these customers. Appliance Parts Company carries many of the leading manufacturers’ brands of water filters for your refrigerator brand and model. We carry replacement water filters from the likes of LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, General Electric, Electrolux and others.

Check the prices of our refrigerator replacement filters against other online stores. You’ll find that we offer manufacturers’ brands at low prices. This gives homeowners the flexibility of shopping with Appliance Parts Company for replacement refrigerator water filters that bring clean, filtered drinking water to your family’s refrigerator.


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Spring Cleaning Your Home Appliances

In many parts of the country, homeowners are looking ahead to the thaw of the winter snow and cold. In the Southwest USA, we are fortunate to have mostly warmer weather, but we still have to take time to spring clean our appliances – as these equipment pieces have to perform work 24-7 in your house. It’s a big deal when a refrigerator, washer/dryer or air conditioner breaks down suddenly. Imagine if your A/C unit clicks off in June!

Irefrigf one of these should break down due to lack of home appliance maintenance or due to a need for new appliance parts, then it’s best to avoid that situation with a good spring cleaning. Nothing could be worse in the US Southwest than for an air conditioner, washer-dryer or refrigerator to break down on an 80-90 degree day. Keeping your appliances clean with a regular checklist is the best way to maintain them. Here are a few important areas to check in your home appliance maintenance and spring cleaning.

You hear that whirring noise coming from your dishwasher? That sound you hear might be from a number of issues. Your dishwasher may be old and nearing end of its life span. Secondly, scan the bottom of the dishwasher for any loose parts that might have come off in a wash cycle at some point. Inspect the interior of the dishwasher with a flashlight to see if there is any loose appliance part causing the vibrating or grinding noise. Make sure to clean the dishwasher filter and you can even do a full rinse of the interior with a white vinegar and baking soda rinse. These elements can clean out plugged up parts of the washing cycle and have a positive impact on your washer’s performance.


Your refrigerator is used as often as your food needs arise. Single people may open and shut their refrigerator door more infrequently than large families, for instance. But in those large families with hungry kids, your refrigerator may be used frequently throughout the day, resulting in high wear and tear levels.

A good tip of spring clean maintenance on your refrigerator rule of maintenance is to change your water and ice cube filter every six months. This will ensure your fresh tasting water and ice cubes. Also, make sure to wash and clean your refrigerator every month or so, to keep it smelling and looking clean. Make sure the outside filters get cleaned and if you need a new lightbulb for the interior, check online for replacement appliance parts from online vendors.

Air Conditioner – HVAC unit  
In Arizona, air conditioning in spring and summer is a necessity. March-April is when most homeowners do their DIY inspection of their air conditioning units. Your full unit should be checked out thoroughly and cleaned at this time of year. If your technician suggests replacing some parts, look online for certain HVAC replacement parts for your unit. Buying the parts you need online will save you time and money in the ordering process. Make sure your air conditioner’s hoses, belts and fans and other critical components are all working properly.  You don’t want to get caught short in the June and July heat of the desert summer.

Check out Appliance Parts Company for a broken refrigerator dishwasher replacement part. As providers of appliance parts for home appliances, Appliance Parts Company provides customers all over the U.S. with replacement parts.

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The DIY guide to Cleaning your Drip Pans

How do you deal with the aftermath of a messy stovetop and oven? When you have a household full of kids, teens and on-the go parents, sometimes your stove top burners and drip pans get covered with boiled over milk, sauces and more from the pots and pans. Pretty soon, your drip pans (also called burner bowls) are covered in mucky caked-on food items. It’s not a pleasant sight.

If your stove goes too long without a normal clean, and your burners looks like blackened oil pools, then it’s time for a deep clean. In the interest of keeping sanity in your home, here’s a DIY guide to cleaning your messy burner pans and bowls.

1) Clean off the top of the stove

DripPansMove any pots and pans off the burners, lift up the top part of the range to clean up any crumbs, food items and other debris. Release the crusty drip pans, unhook the actual gas burner rings, and brush all the loose crumbs and sticky cheese bits into the garbage.

2) Use the sink clean method

Take off the burner pans, and scrape off any crusted food bits with a wooden utensil. Then it’s time for a soaking in hot, soapy water. Fill the sink with sudsy, hot water. Maybe even put in a ¼ cup of bleach and vinegar. Vinegar can loosen the stains off the pans. While the pans are soaking , it’s time to clean off the burner areas.

3) Clean the stove top

Dip your sponge in the detergent water and give the stove top a good scrub down. Around each burner, there’s probably a little circle of crud where the metal rings were. Take care of those first, then clean around the oven. Clean your sponge often. If you’re up to it, clean down in the stove beneath where the drip pans rest. If the top of your stove lifts up (it probably does,) this will make cleaning easier. Be mindful of the cords that power the burners—don’t get those wet.

4) Use the boil in a pot method

You’ll need a big pot of boiling water, large enough to fit your 4 or 6 pans. Add in ¼ cup of baking soda to the water. Add your crusted drip pans to the pot and boil them for at least 20-30 minutes.

5) Scrub ’em till they Shine

If, after the slow soak or the boil, your pans still have too much residue on them, then it’s time to give them hard elbow grease. Scrub those pans with vinegar, soap and water, and use a non-scratch pad. Rinse and wipe all the pans down. Hopefully, all the cleaning will have gotten your burner bowls and drip pans looking like new.

Click here to find other tips on cleaning your drip pans and burner bowls using regular household cleaners and your own common sense. Finally, if your burner bowls are beyond any kind of cleaning repair, and it’s time to invest in a new set for the stove, pick up a new group of drip pans from Appliance Parts Company, the online resource for all your home appliance parts needs.


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Getting Ahead of Dishwasher Issues

Have you ever had this scenario in your house?

“Sweetie, when is the dishwasher supposed to get fixed?”

“Well, the local guy says he’s waiting for the part! Could take a week or more!”

Well, don’t wait a week. If you know what you need for your broken dishwasher, then it’s time to get online and order your replacement dishwasher parts today. Appliance Parts Company has many dishwasher parts in stock, and can get your replacement part off to you right away.

How dishwashers work

Dishwashers take a lot of use in an average dishwasher drainfamily’s home, often running 2-3 times a day in some instances. How does a dishwasher get all those dishes clean all the time? The answer lies in a process that runs like clockwork. A dishwasher gets loaded with dirty plates, cups, pots and pans. Them, hot water is mixed with a cleansing detergent, and a spraying arm sprays the mixture against dirty dishes. After the cleaning, the dirty water drains out of the machine, while the dishes get a rinse of clean water. Then, the dishes get dried from air drying method or a heating cycle available to homeowners.

Breakdowns can occur

In all of this work, certain parts can become undone over time. These include:

  • the gasket seal around the dishwasher door can become loosened, letting out water and/or heat.
  • the pump or motor of the dishwasher can fail, leading to lights and buttons working, but no actual washing occurring.
  • the sprayer arm can break, become stuck, or simply stop praying your dishes. You’ll notice this when your cycle ends and you’re taking out dirty dishes.

Some common dishwasher breakdowns might include when the water does not drain from the unit, creating a pool of water at the bottom of the dishwasher that is a smelly or germ-filled nuisance. In that case, homeowners should:

  • Check sink drain and drain hose for restrictions
  • Double check the motor or pump
  • Check the dishwasher drain valve
  • Check the drive belt

So many small things can go wrong with an older dishwasher, so it makes sense to keep a close eye on the performance of your dishwasher. In older dishwashers, an electric heating piece might not perform well enough to get the water hot enough to clean the dishes thoroughly.

To maintain your dishwasher at peak performance takes a little know-how and smarts. Follow the steps at the link to give your dishwasher a thorough inspection. If you find that your motor or pump is bad, or the drain valve needs replacing, try ordering quickly and efficiently through Appliance Parts Company. We’re among the Southwest’s leading online retailer of home appliance parts. Whether it’s a dishwasher issue or a washer-dryer issue, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.

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