Home appliance Repairs on Ovens, Stoves and Ranges

Often, we hear from homeowners who seem to encounter a minor problem when it comes to their oven, stove or range. Perhaps the issue is one of the four or six burners. Maybe it’s not heating as well as the others. Or perhaps the wiring or other electrical component has frayed or stopped working.

With the right description of the issue, we at Appliance Parts Company can often diagnose an issue over the phone and suggest a course of correction using replacement appliance parts from our wide catalog. These repair tips and basic information below are not meant to specifically apply to your exact stove unit, but should be seen as general tips overall.

Range/Stove/Oven repairs

Today’s modern stoves, ranges or ovens, on average, last about 6-10 years, depending on use and upkeep. These appliances eventually need some replacement parts or emergency repairs at some point, but homeowners should be OK for the first few years at least. Specifically, some parts take more of a beating than others. Range oven bake elements generally last 7-9 years or more with average use. Certain broil units can last much longer. Those are the averages. In some instances, as you might see at your grandparents’ home, some ranges, stoves and ovens can last 15-20 years too without needing repair parts.

Infinite Switches

infiniteswitchIf you’re seeing no heat from your heating element, but the element and terminal block look normal, then your issue may stem from a burned out or defective infinite switch. If the term is new to you, know that it’s part of the electrical makeup of the unit. The infinite switch on the control panel controls the power to each surface element.

To replace this, remove the back panel of the oven. Then, check for any overheated wires or faulty terminals. Electricians generally use a multi meter to check for electrical continuity on the switch’s contacts. Replace the switch if it shows to be defective.


Blown fuses are a source of some problems for ovens. Blowing an internal fuse on your oven, or having a wiring or component problem, could be part of an issue affecting a non-working oven. But a blown fuse is a minor issue at best. You can easily source new replacement fuses in your local electrical store or online with an appliance replacement parts dealer.

If your oven fuse has shorted out, then take time to inspect the oven element. You might be able to see that any wiring has also short circuited out. Be careful when replacing a fuse. Use a similar fuse with the same electrical rating. The same practice should apply to a fuse for possibly a surface burner. Again, before changing fuses, make sure the power is off on the unit.

Broil elements

For your stove’s heating element, check the broil element. It’s found at the top of the interior of the oven. That’s the piece that broils your chicken, steaks and fish. If the broil element is no longer working, then see if it’s separated somehow or cracked. If it looks normal, then use the same multi-meter test to check for electrical current. Also, inspect inside the oven for terminals and wires that look overheated or damaged.

Is your stove or oven ready for new appliance parts? If so, check for the right piece at Appliance Parts Company. The expansive catalogue has a wide range of parts to help you keep your stove or oven lasting longer over time.

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