Major Home Appliances – Repair, Replace, or Upgrade?

Summer is a good time to take stock of your home appliances. Giving your home appliances a thorough check during the slower days of summer might help you decide whether to repair, replace or upgrade your major home appliances.

The length of time you’ve owned your major home appliances will be a good indicator if appliance replacement parts are needed soon, or if your home is due a brand new model of refrigerator, washer/dryer, or stove and range.


HomeAppliancesFor instance, little signs can tip you off. In a refrigerator, you should look to see if the door is shutting properly, or if the food is being cooled sufficiently. Deficiencies in either area may mean that you need a new fridge gasket or new cooling Freon added. If you need to upgrade because your fridge is older than a decade, then shop around for an energy-efficient refrigerator that can save you money by keeping your food cool on relatively little power. Also, if your family tends to shop for meats and other goods in bulk, it might make sense to pick up a separate large capacity freezer that can keep your food frozen for cooking when it suits your schedule.

Washing machine 

Another major home appliance that gets a lot of use in your home is likely the washing machine. Now that summer is here, you can check a few things, like if your washing machine’s energy efficiency is still high for washing clothes, or if not, find out why your clothes are not being as clean as they used to get.

The newer washing machines on the market often clean clothes just as well on cold water settings as the older ones used to on hot water settings. If you need a new drum, or new motor for your dishwasher, check online for replacement parts for appliances by manufacturers. And if you need to upgrade, don’t forget to ask your retail sales agent about Energy Star energy efficiency washing machines. Those new appliances with the energy saving features can save you money and protect the environment.


If you need to upgrade your dishwasher, don’t despair. Prices have come down in recent years, and even new dynamic units are being offered for as little as $300-$400 at retail prices. Click over to the Dishwashers section at for more insights on lower-priced dishwashers. Generally, these lower-priced units have dishwashing performance that’s at least even with dishwashers for double the price. These models might suffer in exterior looks, or interior maneuverability. But that’s not why these budget appliances have a market in US homes anyway.

Hopefully your appliance will be up to your standards when you check it. But if you need to find new parts for your appliances, then head over to Appliance Parts Company. The site has a wide range of parts and more to help you keep your washer, dryer, dishwasher, air conditioner and more going for longer periods of time.

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