How Smart Can Our Home Appliances Get?

2015 is about ½ over, and it is with this half-year perspective that In January, we wrote on this blog that “a new industry survey of U.S. consumer shopping habits indicates that nearly 9.2% of U.S. consumers plan to buy new major home appliances in 2015.”

Washer and dryerSo with nine percent of US households getting a new major home appliance sometime during 2015, we wanted to see how ‘smart’ home appliances are becoming. Technology is making its way into so many everyday areas – from intuitive car functions to our daily banking and paying bills online, to mobile app technology finding our destination and next location. So is it any wonder that this new technology is making its way into refrigerators, washers and dryers? And how will it change we use the equipment for our home needs?

In recent weeks, it’s come to light that carmaker GM is starting to consider that its GM car owners don’t technically own the cars they bought. The automaker’s representative has said “It is [GM’s] position the software in the vehicle is licensed by the owner of the vehicle.” This is due to all the software going into new automobiles.

As the thinking goes, GM considers the software in GM cars that gets the car parts to operate is customized code, which is subject to copyright. GM says it owns the copyright on that code and that software, and this software is crucial to running today’s modern cars. And GM is starting to consider car buyers not actual ‘car owners’ but more licensees of the software in the cars. Is the the way that technology is moving into other areas of our daily lives?

Technology in home appliances

Will the same thing happen to home refrigerators? Will fridge owners simply be licensee of all the software that’s going into home appliances. Fridge technology is now in the doors, with screens showing us news updates, podcast access grocery list recipes and more. And this: new smart technology in refrigerator software will help you formulate cooking recipes based on what groceries you just bought and entered into the software.

And this technology is not only being seen in refrigerators. Drying times are being shortened via new sensory technology that detects moisture in clothes. For example, a recent LG dryer model makes the claim that it can use recycling heat to help homeowners save up to 50% on energy use. And the new washer-dryer models are much quieter today too, thanks to noise cancelling technology. It may sound quieter, but still vigorously washes your clothes.

If you are leaning toward new smart appliance technology, we wish you you the best experience with it. But if you’re hanging on to your older household appliances, then check our Appliance Parts Company for parts for washers, dryers, refrigerators, stove ranges and HVAC systems.

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