Spring Cleaning Your Home Appliances

In many parts of the country, homeowners are looking ahead to the thaw of the winter snow and cold. In the Southwest USA, we are fortunate to have mostly warmer weather, but we still have to take time to spring clean our appliances – as these equipment pieces have to perform work 24-7 in your house. It’s a big deal when a refrigerator, washer/dryer or air conditioner breaks down suddenly. Imagine if your A/C unit clicks off in June!

Irefrigf one of these should break down due to lack of home appliance maintenance or due to a need for new appliance parts, then it’s best to avoid that situation with a good spring cleaning. Nothing could be worse in the US Southwest than for an air conditioner, washer-dryer or refrigerator to break down on an 80-90 degree day. Keeping your appliances clean with a regular checklist is the best way to maintain them. Here are a few important areas to check in your home appliance maintenance and spring cleaning.

You hear that whirring noise coming from your dishwasher? That sound you hear might be from a number of issues. Your dishwasher may be old and nearing end of its life span. Secondly, scan the bottom of the dishwasher for any loose parts that might have come off in a wash cycle at some point. Inspect the interior of the dishwasher with a flashlight to see if there is any loose appliance part causing the vibrating or grinding noise. Make sure to clean the dishwasher filter and you can even do a full rinse of the interior with a white vinegar and baking soda rinse. These elements can clean out plugged up parts of the washing cycle and have a positive impact on your washer’s performance.


Your refrigerator is used as often as your food needs arise. Single people may open and shut their refrigerator door more infrequently than large families, for instance. But in those large families with hungry kids, your refrigerator may be used frequently throughout the day, resulting in high wear and tear levels.

A good tip of spring clean maintenance on your refrigerator rule of maintenance is to change your water and ice cube filter every six months. This will ensure your fresh tasting water and ice cubes. Also, make sure to wash and clean your refrigerator every month or so, to keep it smelling and looking clean. Make sure the outside filters get cleaned and if you need a new lightbulb for the interior, check online for replacement appliance parts from online vendors.

Air Conditioner – HVAC unit  
In Arizona, air conditioning in spring and summer is a necessity. March-April is when most homeowners do their DIY inspection of their air conditioning units. Your full unit should be checked out thoroughly and cleaned at this time of year. If your technician suggests replacing some parts, look online for certain HVAC replacement parts for your unit. Buying the parts you need online will save you time and money in the ordering process. Make sure your air conditioner’s hoses, belts and fans and other critical components are all working properly.  You don’t want to get caught short in the June and July heat of the desert summer.

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