The DIY guide to Cleaning your Drip Pans

How do you deal with the aftermath of a messy stovetop and oven? When you have a household full of kids, teens and on-the go parents, sometimes your stove top burners and drip pans get covered with boiled over milk, sauces and more from the pots and pans. Pretty soon, your drip pans (also called burner bowls) are covered in mucky caked-on food items. It’s not a pleasant sight.

If your stove goes too long without a normal clean, and your burners looks like blackened oil pools, then it’s time for a deep clean. In the interest of keeping sanity in your home, here’s a DIY guide to cleaning your messy burner pans and bowls.

1) Clean off the top of the stove

DripPansMove any pots and pans off the burners, lift up the top part of the range to clean up any crumbs, food items and other debris. Release the crusty drip pans, unhook the actual gas burner rings, and brush all the loose crumbs and sticky cheese bits into the garbage.

2) Use the sink clean method

Take off the burner pans, and scrape off any crusted food bits with a wooden utensil. Then it’s time for a soaking in hot, soapy water. Fill the sink with sudsy, hot water. Maybe even put in a ¼ cup of bleach and vinegar. Vinegar can loosen the stains off the pans. While the pans are soaking , it’s time to clean off the burner areas.

3) Clean the stove top

Dip your sponge in the detergent water and give the stove top a good scrub down. Around each burner, there’s probably a little circle of crud where the metal rings were. Take care of those first, then clean around the oven. Clean your sponge often. If you’re up to it, clean down in the stove beneath where the drip pans rest. If the top of your stove lifts up (it probably does,) this will make cleaning easier. Be mindful of the cords that power the burners—don’t get those wet.

4) Use the boil in a pot method

You’ll need a big pot of boiling water, large enough to fit your 4 or 6 pans. Add in ¼ cup of baking soda to the water. Add your crusted drip pans to the pot and boil them for at least 20-30 minutes.

5) Scrub ’em till they Shine

If, after the slow soak or the boil, your pans still have too much residue on them, then it’s time to give them hard elbow grease. Scrub those pans with vinegar, soap and water, and use a non-scratch pad. Rinse and wipe all the pans down. Hopefully, all the cleaning will have gotten your burner bowls and drip pans looking like new.

Click here to find other tips on cleaning your drip pans and burner bowls using regular household cleaners and your own common sense. Finally, if your burner bowls are beyond any kind of cleaning repair, and it’s time to invest in a new set for the stove, pick up a new group of drip pans from Appliance Parts Company, the online resource for all your home appliance parts needs.


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