Getting Ahead of Dishwasher Issues

Have you ever had this scenario in your house?

“Sweetie, when is the dishwasher supposed to get fixed?”

“Well, the local guy says he’s waiting for the part! Could take a week or more!”

Well, don’t wait a week. If you know what you need for your broken dishwasher, then it’s time to get online and order your replacement dishwasher parts today. Appliance Parts Company has many dishwasher parts in stock, and can get your replacement part off to you right away.

How dishwashers work

Dishwashers take a lot of use in an average dishwasher drainfamily’s home, often running 2-3 times a day in some instances. How does a dishwasher get all those dishes clean all the time? The answer lies in a process that runs like clockwork. A dishwasher gets loaded with dirty plates, cups, pots and pans. Them, hot water is mixed with a cleansing detergent, and a spraying arm sprays the mixture against dirty dishes. After the cleaning, the dirty water drains out of the machine, while the dishes get a rinse of clean water. Then, the dishes get dried from air drying method or a heating cycle available to homeowners.

Breakdowns can occur

In all of this work, certain parts can become undone over time. These include:

  • the gasket seal around the dishwasher door can become loosened, letting out water and/or heat.
  • the pump or motor of the dishwasher can fail, leading to lights and buttons working, but no actual washing occurring.
  • the sprayer arm can break, become stuck, or simply stop praying your dishes. You’ll notice this when your cycle ends and you’re taking out dirty dishes.

Some common dishwasher breakdowns might include when the water does not drain from the unit, creating a pool of water at the bottom of the dishwasher that is a smelly or germ-filled nuisance. In that case, homeowners should:

  • Check sink drain and drain hose for restrictions
  • Double check the motor or pump
  • Check the dishwasher drain valve
  • Check the drive belt

So many small things can go wrong with an older dishwasher, so it makes sense to keep a close eye on the performance of your dishwasher. In older dishwashers, an electric heating piece might not perform well enough to get the water hot enough to clean the dishes thoroughly.

To maintain your dishwasher at peak performance takes a little know-how and smarts. Follow the steps at the link to give your dishwasher a thorough inspection. If you find that your motor or pump is bad, or the drain valve needs replacing, try ordering quickly and efficiently through Appliance Parts Company. We’re among the Southwest’s leading online retailer of home appliance parts. Whether it’s a dishwasher issue or a washer-dryer issue, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.

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