The Dummy’s Guide to Refrigerators

The mega-refrigerators seen at the recent Consumer Electronics Show are a whole step ahead of the most affordable and reliable refrigerators for the average American. There is still a standard of quality in smaller, less-feature-friendly refrigerators that you can buy from today’s modern manufacturers for under $500.

While you might not get the dual opening French doors, your new refrigerator will still have better functionality and more updated features than even a new fridge from 2010. In most cases, there is better light within the refrigerator, enhanced glass shelving, and deep, strong food storage bins inside. Even if any of these parts should ever break or become damaged, you can always find new parts from an online retailer of refrigerator appliance parts.

If you’re looking at buying a used or new refrigerator, and need a handy checklist of what to look for, we’ve created the quick go-to guide below for today’s refrigerators.


  • refrigeratorKnow the space in your home or apartment that you have to fit a refrigerator. Make sure to fit the space, but leave room on the sides and back for adequate ventilation at the fridge’s back, sides and top. Most experts suggest 2 in. of space all around the unit.
  • Do you live alone? Or do you have a family of 6? A large family will always have more needs for bigger refrigerators than a single person. Don’t buy more than what you need. Make sure to match the fridge size and functions to your family’s needs.


  • Bigger refrigerators cost more. A medium-sized refrigerator that uses 36 KWh/month will cost significantly less in appliance energy costs than a large unit.
  • Homeowners can save on energy costs by scaling down the temperature to keep their foods cool. You don’t have to keep the cooling levels on the coldest level. For the most efficiency for your average-sized refrigerator, keep your cool level to about 35°-38°F for fresh foods and 0° F for freezer storage.
  • Dirty coils in the back of a refrigerator can add to energy costs. Keep your coils clean in the back of your fridge.
  • With busy families, a refrigerator door gets opened a lot more times than a refrigerator of a single person. A lot of extra energy is wasted when refrigerator and freezer doors are left open. If cool air is escaping from your refrigerator door, then check your seals on the refrigerator or find appliance replacement parts online.

There are many more tips on our company blog for knowing how and when to replace worn or broken parts on your refrigerator. For all your needs for household appliance replacement parts, connect with Appliance Parts Company, the online resource for all your home appliance parts needs.

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