Q and A on Fixing Your Dishwasher

Each month, we will feature a Q & A around a particular appliance topic. Here is one on dishwashers, for those considering whether to repair a dishwasher with appliance parts or to choose to buy a brand new dishwasher.

Q: What should I know about dishwasher cleaning cycles?

dishwasherA: Dishwashers today often have several cleaning cycles, and to some consumers, these can be confusing. We all want clean dishes, but what settings are right for pots and pans, or caked on dishes, without needlessly wearing down your dishwasher motor.

Dishwashers have gone through a sea change in recent years. Overstock.com writes that modern dishwashers often come equipped with high-end sensors for different facets of the cleaning cycle: “High-end dishwashers may have sensors to detect the amount of dirt on a load of dishes and sometimes even the kind of dirt, which then alter the settings to suit the dirt in the load.” Knowing which ones are important to you and which work best might be the difference between repairing a circuit with a replacement dishwasher part or buying a new machine.

Cycle selection can be very important to homeowners. Older, more traditional dishwashers might’ve only used three wash cycles – heavy, normal, and light. Today’s washers have more specific settings for pots and pans, or even automatic sensors. Among some of the newer cycle selections include sanitary wash and rinse, a delay wash or even a soil sensor as noted above.

Q: Does water temperature play a part in dishwasher cycles?

A: Water temperature settings can be part of your buying decision too. Having the right water temperature for your dishes is important to get them completely clean and/or sanitized. And don’t forget about the motor sounds – some dishwashers are noisier than others, and if that’s important to you, it’s helpful to test out different machines in different settings.

Q: Do the new dishwashers save a lot more energy?

A: Yes, they do. In fact, the government’s Energy Star program notes that older dishwashers made in the 1990s could be costing you and your pocketbook an additional $40-$50 a month in extra costs. Water usage is less in new dishwashers too. The older dishwasher model (pre-1994) waste 10 gallons of water ever cycle! A new dishwasher can save much in this area.

Q: I like my older dishwasher, but it needs a new spring for the door. Where can I find that?

A: You can source dishwasher door springs and other appliance replacement parts at online retailers like Appliance Parts Company. Search for your models, and get the right part at the right price. Appliance Parts Company has replacement parts for dishwasher pumps and motors, door springs, spray arms, dishracks, rollers and even the all-important gasket to keep water from seeping onto your kitchen floor. Content them for any needed dishwasher replacement parts.

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