Buying a Refrigerator in 2015

How do you buy a refrigerator today? Is it based on overall performance and ratings? Or is it based on new technology and the ‘Wow” factor that a built-in TV screen brings to your kitchen?

refrig 2015The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased many examples of the Internet of Things coming in to everyday items, like cars, appliances, gadgets and personal tools. A new refrigerator model called Chillhub is being heralded at CES2015 for its smart refrigerator form and function, as well as its open source technology features. That’s what consumers will be faced with deciding on how to spend their appliance dollars in 2015.

Sizes and Styles

Many refrigerators being built and sold to consumers today are still in the standard cabinet cutout sizes of 30” or 33”, but new refrigerator models from LG, Whirlpool and Samsung like the one pictured at 36” above are showing greater widths and depths for larger families.

While these new models look awesome for the family that eats more, homeowners should always check their available space in the kitchen before buying any new model. The dimensions of the fridge model should fit their current space opening for a refrigerator. Refrigerators are built with different specs today than 15-20 years ago, and the products are not interchangeable. That could be tricky when you need to find replacement appliance parts down the line.

In terms of style, the dual-opening French door style is very popular among consumers and fridge manufacturers. Having this style means you’ll need to have a large enough kitchen for the French doors to open.

Energy savings

When we look at what people are searching for in refrigerators, we see that the big fridge makers are integrating technology, design features and style transformations. Energy savings also form part of the wave of appliances’ transformation. Depending on your home’s energy rate, these new fridge models can roughly save homeowners about $125-$150 a year in energy costs (EPA).

Replacement Parts Needed

Even with a new refrigerator, chances are that your existing model may need replacement parts down the line. For the right part at the right price, contact Appliance Parts Company. We are an authorized Internet seller of factory-certified replacement parts for water filter systems from major appliance makers Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen-Aid, and Jenn-Air. This distributor of replacement appliance parts has a knowledgeable staff that provides replacements parts by mail or through its 12 Southwest USA stores across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.


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