When Repair Parts Are Needed for your HVAC unit

When it comes to your heating and cooling unit, it’s important to know that not every air conditioning repair requires you calling your local HVAC repair team. Unless your problem requires a new round of coolant for your A/C unit, you can possibly skip using the costly services of your HVAC company or the services of a licensed technician. If you have a little insight and knowledge about your home heating unit, some basic tools and a manual handy, you should be able to handle these DIY repairs yourself.

Common HVAC issues

HVACSome of the most common HVAC service needs involve simple tasks like changing air filters, adjusting the filter in the air slot evenly, and maintaining clean air filters. Other HVAC repair issues are usually connected to motors and fans. For motors, HVAC systems include a blower motor in the air handling unit, and a fan motor in the AC condenser unit outside. If one of the two motors fails at any time, it usually stops the entire system.

But handling a HVAC motor problem doesn’t mean you have to purchase an entirely new motor. Sometimes, the failure of one of the motors could mean that there’s a lesser issue with the capacitor. You’ll be better off to troubleshoot your HVAC unit (see terrific HVAC troubleshooting tips here) to make sure that the system is indeed failing because of the motors.

A mismatch of HVAC equipment for your home may also be a cause for performance issues. Having an HVAC unit that’s too small for your house could cause your house to be warmer when you need it to be cooler. Or vice versa with too large a system. Getting this right, as well as making air efficiency improvements in your home, could cut heating energy use by about 60%.

Get the right parts

Troubleshooting and checking normal maintenance patterns for your HVAC unit can help save you money and time in repair work. And when you order HVAC parts through Appliance Parts Company, you’ll find that you can do DIY work for your A/C unit and HVAC system on your own.

Appliance Parts Company is well known throughout the US southwest for a broad, extensive selection of necessary parts for HVAC repair, A/C unit maintenance and more. You’ll find the HVAC parts for different brands and models. If you’re ready to do a quick DIY repair job on your HVAC unit, then drop by our site to find the parts you need. We maintain 13 locations in the U.S., serving customers in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah. Or find and order parts online at our website and we’ll ship it anywhere in the USA. Appliance Parts Company provides customers all over the U.S. with parts, advice and warranties from many leading makers of HVAC units.


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