Q & A on Home Appliance Info

Q: Why are new appliances getting so expensive?

184694712 (1)A: We agree to an extent. Yes, many refrigerators, ovens/ranges, dishwashers and more are getting more expensive to buy new, but people are also trading up for state-of-the-art quality in home appliances, and that spells more money. You can buy lesser-priced and lesser-quality appliances, but our advice is to buy high-quality appliances. The top brands usually outlast its competitors, even with daily use. Some of the lesser-quality brands may work well for 4-6 years, but then start to show signs of wear and tear, which may necessitate seeking out replacement appliance parts for the machine.

Q: I need a new refrigerator – how best to choose a new model of refrigerator?

A: Choosing a model of a new refrigerator will largely be a decision based on design, size and features. Essentially, all refrigerators work the same, so you will have to determine what size you need, how many bells and whistles you need, and your own budget. How much capacity do you need? Is the refrigerator only for you? Or is it for a large family? How much food you need in your house will determine how large a refrigerator you need. Your family of five will certainly need a large-capacity refrigerator. But if you live alone, and tend to buy fresh food on a near-daily basis, your food storage foods will be less than a large family. So your refrigerator model choice will be likely a smaller, more basic model. Maybe think of buying a smaller fridge with a larger freezer to keep foods at the ready in times of need.

Q: Do energy efficient refrigerators really work better?

A: Many new refrigerators offer EnergyStar ratings. These ratings are tested and compiled by Energy Star, which is a voluntary program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that promotes top energy efficiency for products aimed at businesses and individuals. If a refrigerator model is certified as EnergyStar, that means that these appliances use considerably less energy overall, and will help homeowners to limit their energy consumption over the long term. These machines tend to work better, as they are not draining large amounts of energy and help to maintain a smoother-running appliance.

Q: What appliance design styles should I think about getting?

A: Some models today are digitally equipped, allowing for remote activation and control. Some new water heaters allow homeowners to turn off water via a mobile device, especially if they are out of the house for extended vacation periods or long business trips. But if you’re on a budget, choose only the features and bonuses that you feel are absolutely necessary.

Q: If my appliances fail, where do I find replacement parts?

A: You can source appliance replacement parts at online retailers like Appliance Parts Company. Search for your models, make and number for the right part. Appliance Parts Company has all sorts of inventory parts for your refrigerators, washer/dryers, stoves, freezers and A/C units.


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