More Homeowners Expected to Buy New Home Appliances in 2015

A new industry survey of U.S. consumer shopping habits indicates that nearly 9.2% of U.S. consumers plan to buy new major home appliances in 2015. This is a slight increase from the 8.8% increase expected in 2014, from the November 2013 survey conducted by research firm BIGinsight.

This means that a lot of people will be looking to upgrade to smart, energy-efficient home appliances. This is the market that’s expected to grow in the coming years. In fact, Juniper Research predicts the smart home market will reach $71 billion by 2018 — up from $33 billion in 2013, and $25 billion in 2012.

Modern Efficiency and Saving

One of the reasons that consumers want New Appliances 2015to upgrade to newer models of appliances is that new refrigerators and freezers use significantly less energy. Many of the new models made in the last few years claim to cut energy use by 20%-25%. These percentages may even increase under newly mandated energy efficiency guidelines for residential freezers and refrigerators, as compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy. Look for more consumers to start to be aware of improved energy savings for home appliances.

Another benefit to getting new appliance models in the home is the increased savings on utility bills. Consumers can expect to save at least $200 on annual utility bills by using new model fridges and freezers.

How to Replace an Older Refrigerator

If you’re considering replacing a refrigerator or freezer with a new model, it may help to repair your current model in order to sell it successfully locally. Make sure your older model is up to par by replacing appliance parts. You can find appliance parts on the Web from appliance replacement companies. Ask an expert to help you determine what parts you might need for a refrigerator. Maybe you need a new coil in the back or a new gasket on the fridge door. Doing this quickly and efficiently can help you sell your existing model before making the plunge into a new energy-efficient appliance model.

Appliance Parts Company can help you with insights and knowledge of your appliance, its make and model, availability of replacement parts and whether or not they fall under any extended warranty from some of the largest appliance manufacturers like GE, Whirlpool and others. Our company manages an inventory of major appliance replacement parts from 13 locations in the U.S., serving customers in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

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