Spotlight on Appliances: LG Smart Thinq Appliances

With so many new household appliances are showing up in Home Depots and appliance supercenters, it can be somewhat overwhelming to a regular mom & pop shopping for a new refrigerator, washer/dryer or dishwasher. The number of new models are staggering, the technology within is overwhelming and the need for practicality in the household is important.

Here’s a look at what’s in the new appliance category and find out what’s great about the product.

LG Smart Thinq

college017The new LG line of Smart Thinq appliances is well regarded in the industry and is receiving good reviews online. Per its website, Smart ThinQ appliances merge ‘connectivity, convenience and performance like never before’. And it shows. Just a quick glimpse of its washing machines shows the technical and practical aspects of its modern appliance. And its warranties are strong – 1 yr. warranty for parts & labor for the whole machine, a 10-yr. warranty for the motor, and a lifetime warranty on the washing machine drum.

This model offers consumers many benefits. Its washing machine has a large drum capacity, along with 12 wash options. There are also specific wash cycles for hard uses of laundry including sports clothing, baby clothing and similar. These added options are useful to many households. However, the LG washing machine does not offer two newer options to users – one is a pre-wash setting (maybe those are becoming increasingly unnecessary?) and a steam wash setting.

You won’t need to handle turning dials like on traditional top loading washing machines. Manufacturers are increasingly moving toward smart technology displays and the LG Smart Thinq is no exception – it uses LED touchscreen displays. What’s exciting is that through a connection the Internet, you can download custom wash cycles from LG to your smartphone and start your wash cycle from a remote location. These displays let you check the progress of your laundry wash via your smartphone. There are other uses too for your smartphone along with the LED displays on the machine.

If you need to check parts for your LG machine, check out Appliance Parts Company for a broken refrigerator part, or a dishwasher replacement part. The site has parts listed for most major appliance brands on the website catalog.

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