Are Appliances Still Built to Last?

What’s the state of today’s kitchen appliances? Are modern refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, garbage disposals and more showing early signs of parts breakdowns? Anecdotal evidence from homeowners seems to indicate that older kitchen appliance models from the likes of GE, Westinghouse, Electrolux and others have a better reputation for quality throughout the years.

469852503A recent Wired Magazine article shed light on the fact that modern appliance makers are keeping costs low and making lower-quality models at the expense of consumers trust. It wrote:

“Appliances aren’t built to last any more. Circuit board problems might be the first thing to happen but others will soon follow. Kitchen Aid used to have a reputation for long lasting mixers that they no longer deserve. Their motors were once built by Hobart, a name you will see in commercial applications. That hasn’t been true in a long time. Compare any appliance from one made decades ago and you can easily see where cost containment became the most important feature.”

If you’re one of those people with new appliances in your home and are happy with them, then you’re one of the lucky ones. The growing consensus is while the newer models are more technologically savvy, they may break down more often, leading to homeowners having to search out appliance replacement parts.

Getting Appliance Replacement Parts

If your appliance model is still under warranty, then it’s best to check with your appliance manufacturer to see if repairs and replacement parts are covered on your refrigerator, stove, or disposal unit.

Then, try to do some DIY work and pinpoint the cause of the trouble. Do you have a fraying cord? A broken door seal? Or is it a coolant problem that’s leaving condensation? Appliances are machines, made up of different parts. With a little investigative work and checking YouTube videos, you should be able to figure out the specific parts that are needed. Then contact Appliance Parts Company online to search for your piece. Buying your own appliance parts online will save you time and money in repairing your appliances.

Appliances can break down for several reasons. The weather climate in which your appliances are exposed can play a part. Other issues can be the age of the appliances, and the daily use of the units play a part. But blown fuses, split rubber pipes, eroding seals and faulty switches are a few other reasons why appliances will break down.

Don’t let your older appliance go to the junkyard! Search the online catalog at Appliance Parts Company for your needed broken refrigerator or dishwasher part. Find your major appliance manufacturer part at the site today.

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