Know When to Replace your Water Filtration System in Your Refrigerators

In much the way that car drivers never really know when their car battery will die, it’s similar that home appliance parts often fail without much advance warning. Homeowners never really know if a gasket seal is failing or if a coolant on a home appliance is fully cooling. Occasionally, certain parts may have warning signs that alert a homeowner.

512979419For example, some water filters built into ice makers and advanced water systems inside refrigerator models have warning lights. These lights show that the filter is in need of a replacement part. When you see red, it’s usually a sign that your refrigerator is communicating that an appliance replacement part is necessary.

But some water filters are made with more quality than others. Poorly made replacement filters might only give a homeowner six months or less of use to them. A note of caution: try to seek out higher quality water filters. Many of these lesser grades of refrigerator water filters are often overpriced, but tend to underperform over time. And they may affect the taste of the water and ice that is produced.

When the filter gets close to replacement, check the taste of the water. If it’s not up to par for you and your family, then upgrade to a better water filter. Good water filters for refrigerator filtration systems remove impurities from the water.

Replacement Parts Needed

Water filters in new refrigerator models are often a cause for repairs or replacement parts. The complicated technology inside the water-ice systems can usually cause the mechanical operations to fail. Experts suggest buying a refrigerator model with fewer complex parts, to save on repairs and replacement appliance parts later on.

Before you buy that new refrigerator model, make sure you check out these options:

  • Bottom freezers: Bottom freezer refrigerators show higher rates of needed appliance replacement parts, because shelves can crack easily if too much weight is involved. While the door shelves are strong enough to hold milk gallons, adding more can have consequences.
  • Built-In refrigerators: these units are usually equipped with large doors which enclose the freezer units, ice makers and water pour unites on front panels.
  • Top-freezer refrigerators: these models are usually more price-friendly to consumers, and offer better storage for their size.

Replacement parts for appliances are usually needed for models with front-panel ice makers. These front-panel ice and water systems run into more issues for homeowners than those without the systems built in. Depending on use and circumstances, parts may be needed sooner.

Appliance Parts Company is an authorized Internet seller of factory-certified replacement parts for water filter systems from major appliance makers Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen-Aid, and Jenn-Air. This distributor of replacement appliance parts has a knowledgeable staff that provides replacements parts by mail or through its 12 Southwest USA stores across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.


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