5 Steps to Repairing Your Household Appliances

Homeowners today know that maintaining your home for possible resale is one of the main responsibilities of good home ownership. If you let your water heater go too long, or never bother to replace filters in refrigerator water dispensers or dishwashers, these appliances will start to shut down.

refrigTaking care of all your household appliances is a critical step for all homeowners. This includes regular checkups of your refrigerator/freezer, which keeps your hard-earned groceries in ready-to-eat condition. And this also includes your dishwasher, your range and stove, your garbage disposal, your HVAC systems, your washer and dryer and more

Instead of running out to buy another new appliances, which could cost hundreds of dollars, look to do some basic maintenance on your home appliances to save time and money.
Here are 5 steps to keeping those appliances working glitch-free.

  1. Fix it on your own or replace the appliance? Whether your appliances are new or 10-15 years old, you can probably find appliance replacement parts that fit your broken part. Check out YouTube videos to figure out instructions on how to replace certain appliance parts.
  2. Avoid the service fee of the handyman: By repairing or replacing the refrigerator water filter, or gasket seal, you’ll save money and time over waiting for a local handyman. Often the first visit is to check what’s the problem. These are often unnecessary, as homeowners often know the appliance issue. So that’s wasted money right there.
  3. Know the appliance make and model number: Many washers and dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers all have a sticker or metal plate somewhere on the appliance with the make and model. When your appliance needs a replacement part, then first have these numbers handy on a sheet of paper to make the right parts order.
  4. Check your appliance warranty: If your machine is still under warranty, then it’s worth a step to find your original manufacturer’s web site and find out what’s covered for your warranty. You might be able to get either no-cost appliance replacement parts.
  5. Order the right parts: Once you have the make, model and numbers necessary, then search online for a trusted dealer that sells household appliance replacement parts and get the parts you need. For example, when searching for a new dryer gasket or seal, know that you are working with the right part for your brand of appliance.

Maintaining your home appliances is certainly the best measure to prevent any appliance malfunctions. Using the steps above should help to manage your budget and time in dealing with broken appliances. Seek out the pros at Appliance Parts Company to find the right part you need at the right price.

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