Top Brands, New Refrigerators and Replacement Parts

There are many appliances that are well known to American appliance buyers. Refrigerator brands like Kenmore, Amana, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Samsung, KitchenAid and Whirlpool often appear at the top of top appliance brand lists. These brands have a solid reputation in the market for producing technologically forward and fundamentally stable appliances.

top brandsWhat helps to build those brands is the company’s attention to details and features that matter to customers. Consumer Reports notes the advancement by Samsung to go to a revolutionary 4-door model. Benefits like this are always driven by advancements in the cooling technology, aesthetic design and research into how families today are using their refrigerators.

For example, refrigerator makers will have a sense of how families with kids interact with their refrigerator. Tall refrigerators with high shelves designed for adults, for instance, pose not only an accessibility issue for younger kids, but a potentially safety hazard. Children may climb on parts of the inside of the refrigerator to get at higher shelf items. This could cause damage to your working refrigerator parts. Similarly, frequent refrigerator door opening and closing can result in loose or worn refrigerator door gaskets. If this becomes an issue, here are some tips you can do before seeking an appliance replacement part.

  1. Carefully inspect the refrigerator door gasket, and check for any looseness or cracks in the gasket.
  2. If there is any slack, attempt to use rubber-based glue to bring the parts together to slot into the framework.
  3. If after a few days, you notice that your handy work isn’t working as well as expected, seek out the right appliance replacement part online, according to your manufacturer’s make and model.

Besides your refrigerators, nearly all of your kitchen appliances take a toll during the summer months. Not only is there a great need to refresh and rehydrate with liquids from the refrigerator, there is a higher demand on the ice makers. If the doors are open longer and more frequently, the appliance’s inner temperature can slip higher, and take more electricity to cool down.

Your local technician can come out and assess the situation, and check if a gasket replacement might be available. If this is the case, certainly recommend that he looks to Appliance Parts Company for the replacement part and any other needs. Appliance Parts Company carries thousands of appliance parts for any and all major appliances. Our knowledgeable customer service team can assist you find the part you are looking for, whether it’s for a dishwasher, refrigerator, HVAC system, garbage disposals and more.

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