Knowing When to Replace Appliances

Knowing when to replace home appliances shouldn’t have to be a guessing game. With manufacturers’ warranties set for a determined length of time, and knowing your expected usage, it should be normal to set expectations for home appliances.

186616508If you get 5-6 years from your ice machines, washers and dryers, air conditioning units, refrigerators and other appliances, you should be happy. Some brands have longer or shorter lifespans. The good thing for consumers is that it’s fairly easy to find replacement appliance parts online, or even discontinued parts for certain household machines.

Online vendors who trade in used parts for major appliances take the time and effort to test the parts and make sure they are in good working condition. So consumers can feel confident that they can source the right replacement appliance parts for broken appliances. Whether it’s a replacement coil or a replacement filter, you’ll likely to be able to fill the parts need you have online. You’ll save money, too.

Appliance Replacement Parts

For example, the rubber gaskets on front-loading washers have been found to get more repairs than other types of washing machine parts. One reason is that the rubber gasket that forms a waterproof seal in the front can often break down with heavy bleach loads after heavy use. Mold inside the machine can also cause parts problems. One solution is to keep the washing lid ajar after washes to let in drying air. Do so will eliminate the need for costly repairs later on.

According to a smart home buying web site HomeWyse, it takes an average of about $250-$275 to repair an appliance. That average cost includes average labor, costs of materials and parts involved. What if you can pinpoint the problem on your own, find the required part online and install it yourself, or with the help of a handyman friend? You’d likely be able to save some $200 from that average cost of replacement.

When your appliance breaks down, find out the source of the problem using videos from YouTube or other fix-it web sites. Once that’s done, you can determine which part is needed to find online. Make sure to call at least three separate service companies to see what they charge to put in a replacement part. Now, if repairing the appliance costs more than half the cost of a new appliance, then you might want to consider getting a new appliance. One repair now, costly as it is, might lead to other repairs in the future.

It’s easy to source appliance parts. Click over to Appliance Parts Company and browse through its catalog to find the piece you’ll need to extend the life of your appliance. With a little due diligence, your Appliance Parts location can locate the right part at the right costs for your home appliance repair project.


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