Appliance Parts Company for Replacement Parts of Major Home Appliances

When you can’t find the replacement parts in your local store or your hometown provider, then it’s time to look to Appliance Parts Company for all your appliance parts needs.

Appliance Parts Company is an authorized Internet seller of factory-certified replacement parts for major appliance makers Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen-Aid, and Jenn-Air. The company provides replacements parts by mail or through its 12 convenient locations across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

locationsFor do-it-yourselfers who are handy with screwdrivers and a hammer, fixing a broken down major appliance can be as easy as 1-2-3. The tricky part comes in determining the source of the problem with the major appliance and how to get the right part to get it fixed. That’s where the pros at Appliance Parts Company come in.

This Southwest USA distributor of replacement appliance parts has a knowledgeable staff in its stores as well as behind the Web ordering page, to help you with any and all questions about your appliance, the part needed and the best way to fix it.  In fact, the technical advice that these pros are able to provide to customers often helps them get started on fixing the appliance.

Avoid Contractor Costs

All too often, homeowners are stumped when they find that the laundry machine drums do no spin, or if the oven is not heating up to 400 degrees as desired. In these cases, in the absence of a manufacturer’s warranty, a homeowner has little choice but to call out a local contractor to diagnose the problem, and then talk about the delays in finding parts or getting the actual needed part to fix the issue.

With the friends at Appliance Parts Company, this is no longer a hassle. With the great advice on a range of appliances, APCO’s technicians can talk to you over the phone, help you diagnose your appliance breakdown problem, and offer up some solutions on getting it fixed in a fast, timely manner.

Homeowners without the DIY fix-it touch should call Appliance Parts Company and speak to our service representatives to get the right part for the right appliance. A full list of available parts is on the Appliance Parts Company catalog.

Whether it’s a refrigerator filter you need, or a coil on the oven, or a new filter piece for the dryer, do the right thing and get your replacement appliance parts at Appliance Parts Company.


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