What You Should Know on Replacing Parts on your Home Appliances

A general rule of thumb for any homeowner is that no matter how well-maintained you keep your personal home appliances, they will one day start to ‘act up.’ You know what I’m talking about – the oven doesn’t appear to cook the food as hot as it used to, the stove burners are showing signs of wear and tear, or the refrigerator is making louder noises than expected.

washer dryerYou already spend a great deal of attention on your yard, your home’s roof and walls, and other valuable assets like your car. But who’s watching and maintaining the home appliances? When your home appliance start to work sluggishly, they might need full replacement, repair or at least a replacement appliance part to get it back to normal operating condition.

Here’s what you must know when it comes to your getting replacement parts for your appliances, looking into repair or a new appliance purchase.


Washers and dryers present fewer issues for homeowners, as a general rule. The latest washer and dryer models cost more than earlier years, but smart water conservation and tech advancements have made these timeless appliances much better

Newer laundry models, like front-loading washing machines, tend to be more prone to repair issues. Some of this is due to homeowners constantly hitting the gasket seals while loading and unloading the front loading machine. This prolonged wear and tear makes these seals in need of replacements after a few years.


Owners of new refrigerators are advised to not add a manufacturer’s parts and service warranty to their purchase. Generally, the thinking goes, is that new refrigerators, stoves, washer-dryers are often made so well that they rarely break down in the first couple of years of use. But if your new-ish appliance does start to show signs of inoperability for some unforeseen reason, then where can you turn?

Homeowners without a warranty in this situation generally call a handyman to look into the issue. Or if they have some maintenance experience, they can troubleshoot the issue and see if an inexpensive appliance replacement part might solve the problem. While the new fridges have far fewer moving parts, there is more digital complexity in these appliances.

New refrigerators with built-in ice makers can often be a problem for homeowners. These ice makers are often a separate mechanical operation apart from the overall function of the refrigerator. When a filter or the water spout itself needs replacing, you can find these replacement parts at online retailers like Appliance Parts Company. Search for your manufacturer, model number and the part that will solve the issue.

Appliance Parts Company can help with all your household appliance parts needs, for refrigerators, washer/dryers, stoves, freezers and A/C units. Click over to Appliance Parts Company for parts to extend the life and service of your household appliances.

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