Keeping Cool When It’s Hot – Replacement Parts for Air Conditioners

In some parts of the country right now, especially here in the Southwest, the heat is on! And when it’s over 100 degrees during the day, it’s absolutely necessary to have the air conditioning unit working perfectly.

June 5 Appliance PartsSince most of us are not dreaming of the HOT days of summer like Olaf from the movie Frozen, you don’t want to have the air conditioner compressor go out or be in need of a filter or capacitor to replace. It’s best to be prepared, because all air conditioning systems eventually need A/C replacement parts and components from time to time. We are her to help you find the right kinds of parts to get your home air conditioning system back to solid efficiency. Here are some suggestions on locating replacement air conditioning parts for your unit.

Manufacturer warranty

The first method to replacing a broken down air conditioning part is to check to see if the original manufacturer still makes the part. Major manufacturers market all types of air conditioners in different home markets, especially central A/C units. So they usually have a good inventory of parts on hand or through resellers. You can go to or call us at 1-800-293-2726 to find out if your replacement part is available.

Be sure to keep in mind that as technology increases in the manufacturing process, older parts may no longer be carried by the manufacturer. In this case you’ll have to seek out the part through replacement from appliance parts companies. This would be the place to find parts if your A/C unit is more than a decade old and is no longer being produced by the manufacturer.

Generic Parts

In all appliances, there are certain parts that fit all makes and models. The same holds true for air conditioners. If you only need a new filter, then you can find these online through our website. Parts do get updated in style and design, and your part, which may have been the right piece at the time, may no longer be the right one.

Here’s what you can do when that situation occurs:

  • Bring the older part with you. Your reseller or manufacturer can check the replacement   part needed and get the right model or size.
  • Have the right model number and manufacturer information. Your reseller can help you only with the right information. If you only bring in a spare part from your A/C unit, without any identifying marks, it gets tricky to determine the necessary replacement.
  • Search Appliance Parts Company, and you can likely search for the right piece needed from our online catalog.

Staying cool in the summer heat is a big deal. Make sure you have your air conditioner unit up to par for the hot season. If you need replacement parts, then know the details about the parts needed so you can get the issue corrected quickly and efficiently.


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