Replace Worn Out Parts on your Household Appliances

All your appliances take a toll during the long winter months. From high demand on the refrigerator doors to more dishwasher runs from frequent meals, appliances can certainly withstand a lot of use. But at some point, the appliance parts will erode, or stop working, and then you’re looking at either an expensive warranty bill through the manufacturer, or a trip to your local appliance parts replacement store.

Dishwasher Parts

If you notice water leaking from your dishwasher, it’s a good sign that your gaskets are wearing down on the dishwasher door. Check inside to see the wear and tear on the door and around the seal. If the gasket appears brittle or excessively worn, look online for a gasket replacement part. Replacing it now will help to avoid more costly dishwasher repairs down the road.

Additionally, check all the dishwasher filters. The winter buildup can go unnoticed, and the filter can become very clogged. Check the repair manual to see how to thoroughly clean the filter, and check the trap for food and detergent particles. Once all of this basic maintenance and parts purchases are done, your dishwasher should be running as good as new.


fridge doorFamilies with kids know that the refrigerator appliance is likely the most used item in your home. Like a dishwasher, the frequent opening and closing of the door can result in loose or worn refrigerator door gaskets. Keep a close eye on the door gasket, check and clean the filter on the water and ice maker on the door, and if in doubt about any parts that aren’t working as well as expected, seek out the right appliance replacement part online, according to your manufacturer’s make and model. 

A/C unit

While regular use of an air conditioning unit across many states could be a month or more away, it still makes sense to make sure it’s ready. Do you need a new compressor? Now’s the time to check that out. What about the outside grill? Were there any hail storms that might’ve dented the coils on the AC unit exterior? That’s what you need to check as you move along through your AC unit maintenance. Double check the usability of the air conditioner’s hoses, belts and fans and other critical components of the entire system.

With a few YouTube clips or a quick check of the appliance manual, homeowners should be able to replace these worn appliance parts with new parts. Don’t let spring cleaning of your appliances slow down your enjoyment of spring. A bigger repair issue might in fact just be a quick fix with the right appliance replacement part.

Look to services that offer appliance parts for home appliances. Appliance Parts Company provides customers all over the U.S. with replacement parts, advice and warranties from leading manufacturers like General Electric, Whirlpool and Maytag.

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