Replacing Your Refrigerator’s Water Filter

Water filters might very well be the most important part of your refrigerator’s daily existence in your kitchen. When it comes to daily use, you know that filtered water and ice cube mechanism is getting its daily workout.

Refrigerator water filters come in all shapes and sizes and serve a whole host of benefits to the homeowners and anyone else drinking from the fridge. In fact, many modern refrigerators are sold with the water filter installed. However, in some parts of the country, where water quality is lower, or has more pipes to run through, homeowners might also purchase a separate water filter system to work in conjunction with the water from the fridge.

Refrigerator Filter Models

There are hundreds of different Waterfilterwater filters that work with particular models of refrigerators, and many choices for filters available to homeowners, for just one refrigerator brand. Buyers should know their refrigerator’s year, make and model to ensure compatibility and get the best filters.

Most refrigerators today are manufactured with ice makers, or have water filters built into the door. Usually, that’s a buying benefit for homeowners, as it saves time for them over having to install a new water supply line from the tap. In most new refrigerators, the water filter is usually located near the top of the door, inside the refrigerator cabinet, or in the bottom grill.

How Refrigerator Filters Work

Carbon or charcoal, charcoal or carbon! These two substances are used in 99% of all modern refrigerator water filters. When water moves through the filter, chemicals, contaminants and bacteria forms get moved to the carbon or charcoal, and get released from the water passing through. Some systems also use a second filtering process, further cleaning the water and making it free from residue and other debris.

Removing chemicals, preserving Fluoride

A refrigerator’s water filter not only cleans your water and removes bad taste from the water source, but can trap chemicals found in the water at your home or community. Filters are highly useful at siphoning out unwanted traces of asbestos, cysts, chlorine, giardia and various herbicides. And the goal of refrigerator water filters is to provide healthy drinking water. Many filters on the market now are able to keep the fluoride in the water, which is important for teeth and bones.

After 6 months to a year of use, water moving through a dirty filter comes out even less drinkable than before it was filtered! So the filter needs to be replaced. You can find many different styles of water filters for refrigerators at our website. Homeowners can usually tell when the filter needs replacing by taste, appearance or smell.

Overall, refrigerator water filters are a healthier, often better-tasting option for families, and they also save space and cost over large water dispensers and empty water bottles in the kitchen. 

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