When You Need HVAC Parts for Summer’s Heat

Summer’s heat is starting soon in the U.S. Southwest and it’s time to have your air conditioner checked and updated for cooling your home in summertime.

ac repairYour central AC unit gets a lot of use during the long warm season in the US Southwest. Daily temperatures can get over 85 degrees in April and extend through to the end of October in some cases. Your AC unit runs continuously through that hot period, and it’s something you rarely give thought to….unless it breaks down. And that’s what you don’t want in the middle of July in New Mexico or Arizona.

If you want peak performance for your air conditioner, it’s important to take proper care of it in the months leading up to sustained use. Simple maintenance can often indicate if you need a brand new air conditioner, or if you can simply buy replacement parts for air conditioning units online. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Protect your AC unit from spring storms. There are still storms that come up in springtime for homeowners. It’s important that the AC unit stays covered during this time. Dust, debris, stray animals and more can muck up the wiring, machinery and other areas. Keep those elements out until you’re ready to ‘lift the hood’ for AC Operation.
  • When you have a nice work day outside, lift the cover and bring out a water hose. While the AC unit is turned off, a thorough cleaning with a high pressure hose can lift out the dirt and dust inside the coils and around the compressor. In some heavily wooded areas, you might even find a nest or two for critters inside your AC unit’s shell. Make sure to clean those thoroughly and wipe with a rag.
  • New filter is a must. Before a sudden heat wave creeps up on your home’s region, remove the old filter and replace with a new air conditioner filter (Appliance Parts Company offers three special air conditioner filters for your unit). It’s necessary after the cleaning to put in a new filter, to enable the system to blow clean, cool air throughout at peak energy efficiency.
  • Invest in a certified technician. If your unit is more than 7 years old, it may be a good idea to have a certified HVAC technician come in to evaluate the entire AC unit. He will be able to suggest if your compressor is ready or needs to be replaced, if the coils have been damaged in the winter and other professional advice that you may not have the expertise.

If your AC unit simply needs a replacement part, contact Appliance Parts Company to find the right replacement part for most major air conditioning appliance brands on our website catalog.

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