When it Breaks: Common Repairs for Washers and Dryers

What happens when your home appliances break down, blow up or just simply stop working? It’s not that uncommon for major appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and air conditioning units to break down in a 5 yr.-10-yr. time frame. Sometimes, the issue causing the break is large. Other times, it is small. If you find the part you need online with an appliance parts replacement company, great. But other times, you need a fast DIY fix. If so, then keep reading below for more insights into fixing your own appliances.

Maintain Your Appliances

A few helpful hints first – washer-repairyou should often do maintenance on your appliances. Cleaning fans, wiping dust off coils, and changing filters can have a big effect on the appliance operation. Do this regularly and you’ll avoid issues. Unfortunately recent studies have shown that 80% of homeowners do not do any appliance maintenance. Do what you need to do to keep the appliances operating at peak levels. You’ll also save money in the process, too, because uncleaned appliances suck more energy, and that adds to your home’s electricity bill.

Tips for Washers and Dryers

So, follow along for tips to quick fix your most common appliance issues:

WASHING MACHINE: With all the advanced technological and electrical parts in today’s modern washing machine, a broken inside drum may lead to high repair costs. Instead, do what the experts suggest and that includes using only high-efficiency (HE) detergent. Studies have shown that the suds generated by non high-efficiency detergents can cause deterioration issues with the washing machine drum and possibly even the drive system.

Also, do an empty-load wash rinse every few months without any clothes inside just to clean out any remaining residue that might have built up. And some manufacturers even suggest checking your washing machine hoses for cracks, tears or holes. A new hose can alleviate water pressure and bring you peace of mind of avoiding a water disaster in your home.

DRYERS: Your lint can clog up the filters and lead to energy costs rising because of the extra work the dryer has to do. Clean the lint trap, and even vacuum the insides of the lint area. Your dryer will thank you for this upkeep with better drying efficiency. Experts also suggest vacuuming out the vent tube every so often. Using these easy repair tips on your appliances will bring better results, less money going out and more peace of mind for you.

If you need a new part for your washer or dryer, look to Appliance Parts Company for common household appliance replacement parts. The inventory at Appliance Parts Company is wide-ranging. Find Appliance Parts Company online for your needed parts on home appliances.


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