Household Appliances at CES 2014

It went by fast, and came in the middle of Freezeapocalypse USA, but the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas is here and gone. The show featured many of the latest Internet technologies in all types of hardware and software parts of today’s high-tech appliances.

We were most interested in seeing new innovation in household appliances  It’s our business to know which parts are used in modern appliances and how appliance parts are to be bought online when they fail in your refrigerator.

AT CES 2014, we saw new models from LG, Samsung, Nest (for home automation) and many others, all promising new ways to run household appliances from your smartphone. Watch a video clip below on how the world of household appliances is changing, thanks to our Internet connected devices.

Samsung launched its Smart Home App to run appliances remotely, via a Cloud-based smart home server. See the image below. The Smart Home App allows users to control all your connected home appliances through a single app on your smartphone or tablet. The company expects in less than a few years, many US homes will operate this way.

Our gut feeling is that not all homeowners in the U.S. Southwest are ready for web-connected appliances, and will strive to maintain their existing older home refrigerator, washing machine and dryer and air conditioning units. And there will come a time when those homeowners will seek out replacement appliance parts for these consumer goods.

We hope they turn to Appliance Parts Company, with 12 locations throughout Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah. We  offers replacement parts on many of your common household appliances. Check out Appliance Parts Company’s wide catalog of replacement parts for household appliances for all of your particular kitchen, stove, range and oven needs.

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