To Buy New or Replace Parts? Knowing your Appliances

How do you know when your appliances need repair? Is it when they start to malfunction in the small ways? Or maybe it’s when they stop working altogether, and you know your warranty has expired. How do you tell when it’s time to send in an appliance repair team or dip into your savings for a new state-of-the-art appliance?

You should start by checking the following:

  • What is the appliance’s age?appliance-replacement-parts From yesterday’s fridges and washing machines to today’s new digital appliances, there is a certain life cycle expectancy built into the manufacturing process. If you’ve owned that appliance for a number of years past its prime, then it might be time to start shopping for a new one.
  • Does the warranty still apply to the appliance? Check with your manufacturer to see if you still have appliance parts repair support for your appliance. If your refrigerator’s ice maker is faulty, you may still be able to use your repair warranty for that.
  • Is it worth it to repair the appliance or sell it off? Some homeowners are opting to sell their older appliances on the open market. This can bring a little cash to homeowners for their used appliances, but it may not be worth it from some older models. Your old dishwasher may not work as well as it once did, but it may be worth more than the $75-$100 a homeowner might get on the reseller market.

However, like with older cars that are falling behind in comparative standards, your older energy-deficient appliances might be better off sold than using up your energy costs. If your appliance model was manufactured 10 or more years earlier, it’s likely not going to be energy efficient. Choosing to invest in a new model for energy savings in five years down the road might be a good decision.

However, if you’re lacking the extra money to buy a new appliance, using a local appliance repair technician or appliance replacement parts service might be a smart choice. You may find that your appliance is not working due to a short in a wire, or a tear in a seal. Rather than expecting a large cash outlay for a large piece of equipment, your replacement part might costs less than $20 in some cases. And that good news could be enough to keep your appliance running for several more years without any worries.

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