Know When to Repair or Replace Home Appliances

As a homeowner, you generally keep a close eye on the condition of your home, your car and other high-value assets. But what about your home appliances? Do you watch these as closely to know if they are in need of repair, replacement appliance parts or if you need to buy a new appliance?

repair-laundry-machinesNewer laundry models, like front-loading washing machines, tend to be more prone to repair issues. Some of this is due to homeowners constantly hitting the gasket seals while loading and unloading the front loading machine. This prolonged wear and tear makes these seals in need of replacements after a few years.

Another valuable home appliance that generally needs repairs and replacement parts are new refrigerators with built-in ice makers. Some experts point to the complicated structure of the water-ice makers in the refrigerator as a key issue. The intricate design of the mechanical operation can cause more refrigerator parts needed.

For refrigerator owners, a good rule of thumb is buy a refrigerator is to find a refrigerator with fewer moving parts; that usually means less complexity and less chances for refrigerators to break down in some way. One example involves GE, which makes excellent and reliable stoves and ranges, but its refrigerators that have built-in ice makers have been more faulty for homeowners.

Our recommendation to you is to first troubleshoot your stove, washer, dryer or refrigerator item against our appliance parts catalog. If the price to repair your machine with replacement parts is less than half the cost of a new machine, then it makes sense to stick with your existing home appliance and get the work done.

Be sensible with your dollars! Look to Appliance Parts Company for all your household appliance parts needs, for refrigerators, washer/dryers, stoves, freezers and A/C units. Click over to Appliance Parts Company for parts to extend the life and service of your household appliances.

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