What to Consider before Making a Refrigerator Purchase

Most modern refrigerators today require some form of repair or replacing appliance parts while in the 10-15 year mark of usage. Bring that forward a few years sooner if you have several school age kids in your home, opening and shutting refrigerators and freezer doors every 15 minutes.

Today’s refrigerators are built to last, with better features, but more sensitive technology parts as well. It’s important that you know which models have good performance ratings so down the line you’re not spending too much time finding the right refrigerator replacement parts.


Consumer Reports suggests that before you buy that new tech-fangled new refrigerator, consider the following areas: available kitchen space, required fridge capacity, anticipated budget spend and energy efficiency. Knowing these requirements will help you to determine which refrigerator fits your needs.

The basic refrigerator unit models are usually categorized by where the freezer is situated.

Bottom freezers: these units generally include pull-out shelves inside, door shelves strong enough to hold a water pitcher or milk gallon, and more consistent temperatures within.

Built-In refrigerators: these units are usually equipped with large doors which enclose the freezer units, ice makers and water pour unites on front panels.

Top-freezer refrigerators: these models are usually more price-friendly to consumers, and offer better storage for their size.

As time goes on, with all appliances, there comes a time when you need appliance parts repair.

Replacement parts for appliances are usually needed for a refrigerator from these issues:

  • Models with front-panel ice makers tend to have more repair issues than those without.
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators show more tendency to need appliance replacement parts.
  • Shelves can crack easily if too much weight is involved
  • Appliance makers provide about 7-10 years of good value before parts maybe be needed. Depending on use and circumstances, parts may be needed sooner.

Your refrigerator appliance may be the most used item in your home. Cooling your food and drinks 24-7, day in and day out, places a great burden on the appliance. Find out which model suits your needs best.

And if repairs or replacements parts are needed, appliance techs can usually source the parts for broken refrigerators from Appliance Parts Company, which offers parts and locations all over the US western states.

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