Your Refrigerator’s Water Filter – Is it Time to Replace?

If you’re the owner of a modern refrigerator with a built-in water delivery system in the front, have you done the taste test recently?

Check the taste of the watercoming out and then after sipping, ask yourself, “Is this as good as my water can taste? Or is there better water that I’m missing?” You might find that you’ll answer your own question.  

If your water coming off the fridge tap is not where it should be, the reason might be a forgotten water filter. These water filters remove impurities from our water in homes, and give our family members a clean cup of water everytime – as long as the filters are cleaned properly.  

Consumer Reports writes that tap water generally contain contaminants like chloroform, arsenic, radon and other chemicals that can not only affect the taste of the water, but also contribute to residue buildup of our water system on our refrigerator door.  

Consumer Reports suggests homeowners search out and use water filters that are specifically tested by the National Sanitation Foundation, an independent industry organization that tests, certifies and rates products to help minimize health-related effects. 

The NSF recommends on its site that consumers change water filters in accordance with the manufacturers’ ‘service cycle’ which for average consumers, usually is every 1-2 months.  

Most of today’s modern refrigerators use filter indication light units on the front of your refrigerator. In the case of a well-working water filter, the light may be the color blue, to indicate good water quality. Once the filter has been used enough to lower its effectiveness, its color indicator will change on the front of the refrigerator to another color (yellow or orange).  

This is when the taste test referred to at the start of this article comes into play. Is the water tasting less fresh? Is your water dispenser slower? Can you see a noticable difference in the water’s visual appearance?  

If you answered ‘yes’ any of these questions, then it’s likely time to put in a replacement water filter for your specific manufacturing unit. You can find these appliance parts for refrigerators online at outlets like Appliance Parts Company.   

Whirlpool offers a video look below on tips to replace your refrigerator water filters. Some of these are located in different areas for different refrigerator models, so it’s important to doublecheck your warranty or refrigerator unit guidelines to make sure you use the right water filter. 

Replacing water filters is one of the key things homeowners should do to extend the life of their refrigerator. Keeping your water coming out fresh and clean will be good for you and your household appliance.

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