Fix Air Conditioners Before the Arizona Heat Starts

When the Arizona summer heat starts to kicks in during May, it’s time to consider how well your HVAC system is performing. Air conditioning units come under great stress in the dry, dusty heat of an Arizona summer, and it’s important that all valve, pipes, belts and processers need to be in top condition.   air conditioner parts, Appliance Parts

If your air conditioner faltered during the past summer, then it’s time to pinpoint the issue before the temperatures start to rise. Some air conditioner repairs are easy to do on your own, with a little maintenance know-how. Other A/C repairs will need specific air conditioner appliance parts from a local appliance parts distributor.   A certified, well-manufactured central air conditioning unit has an average life span of anywhere between 10-15 years. That’s generally in a four-season (spring, summer, fall, winter) environment. With the half a year of extreme heat in parts of Arizona, that average life span comes down to 7-10 years.

It’s time to check for necessary replacement appliance parts if:

  • your home experiences rising energy bills;
  • the system is older than 10 years;
  • is excessively noisy
  • is not rated as an energy efficient A/C unit.  

To even better beat the heat, minimize A/C use with some cost-effective tips, like:

  • Use fans and ceiling fans – household temperatures can come down 5-10 degrees with efficient fan use in a home. That saves money on running the A/C unit. 
  • Cover up all windows facing the sun with window blinds, shades and draperies. In doing so, you will minimize the sun’s heat, and keep your living quarters cool with your A/C unit and fans working. 
  • Move all heat-producing appliances like lamps, TVs, or digital monitors near the A/C unit’s thermostat. These appliances will produce heat near the temperature reading and cause the thermostat to register your home’s temperature as warmer than it is in areas away from the thermostat. That will mean your A/C unit will run longer than it needs to.   

Appliance Parts Company is the number one source for all household appliance parts needs, carrying thousands of appliance parts for any and all appliances. If your home air conditioning unit needs a new compressor, fan blade, blower motors, capacitors or more, see the range of necessary appliance parts at the company’s Arizona locations for replacement appliance parts or call today 800-293-2726.

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  1. DBMControl says:

    The cost-effective suggestion in order to minimize A/C is informative. It saves energy and electricity.

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