New Household Appliances Found to Save Consumer Money on Electric Bills

U.S. consumers can realize substantial savings on home electricity bills by using new household appliances, according to a leading industry group.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has released the 2011 Energy Efficiency and Consumption Trends data for major home appliances. This data, based on 2011 shipments of major appliances from refrigerators, shows the continuing trend of decreased energy consumption. AHAM suggests that average homeowners could save upwards of $90 a year on their electricity bill by running new appliances in the home.

Energy consumption continues to factor in the findings. For instance,  in refrigerators continued to decline in 2011 with new refrigerators using an average of 452 kWh per year, over 50 percent less than units made in 1990. The AHAM reports that dishwasher energy consumption is much lower (51 percent  decrease) because of new technologies and advances in energy efficiency. Some of these advances include soil sensors that use only the amount of water required for each wash.

Additionally, new clothes washers are able to fit in more clothes in each load due to increased efficiencies. Volume loads continue to increase, according to the data, while energy consumption decreases. Clothes washers show a 75 percent decrease in energy consumption per unit since 1990, while tub capacity increased by more than 32 per cent.

While AHAM’s findings are insightful, it’s still very much a common occurrence for homeowners to try to hang on to their 10. yr. old household appliance by seeking out appliance replacements parts for any malfunctions. Ask yourself: how many appliances do you have in your home that need regular attention? It’s clearly easier and less expensive for a homeowner to find appliance parts for HVAC systems, which controls all the air and water heating and cooling in the home; refrigerators and freezers, which preserve your family’s food; your dishwasher, your range and stove, your garbage disposal, your washer and dryer….the list could go on.

Americans have started to show interest in smart appliances, with tabletsand other electronics built in as part of the fabric, or with controls that can be managed remotely. But that’s still a small minority of people. Most of use will still search in an online replacement parts catalog to find appliance parts needed for our household goods. At Appliance Parts Company, we understand this and continue to provide top parts and service assistance for all of your household needs. Visit us online at Appliance Parts Company.//

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