What to Do When Your Household Appliances Need Repair

household appliances        Appliance PartsAs a homeowner, you know that much of your work in maintaining your home for possible resale down the line will include taking care of all your household appliances. Think about it for a second – how many appliances do you have in your home that need regular attention. Your HVAC systems, which controls all the air and water heating and cooling in the home; your refrigerator/freezer, which preserves all the food for your family; your dishwasher, your range and stove, your garbage disposal, your washer and dryer….the list could go on.

And when one of these appliances stops working because of an electrical glitch, a busted out motor or a leaky pipe, you probably need to ask yourself – do I fix it or replace it? Most people try to fix things on their own; it’s in our natural instinct. For many, that’s the common direction. Who hasn’t worked on household appliance projects in the house at some time?

You don’t have to be a certified handyman to check out what’s knocking on your washer and dryer unit, or find out what’s humming on the back of your refrigerator. Check out some fix-it websites or YouTube clips to see where to start to look. Turn the fridge around and listen to the back. This is usually where all motor and sound issues arise for refrigerators.

Maybe you’re able to pinpoint the actual trouble. Can you tighten a screw or replace a loose nut or hose to fix the problem? Or might you need to buy any refrigerator replacement parts? If this is the case, you’ll need to know the make and model number of your appliance. Many washers and dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers all have a sticker or metal plate somewhere on the appliance noting this information.

Once you have the make, model and numbers needed, then search in our online appliance replacement parts catalog to find the type of part you’ll need.  Click over for a centralized solution for locating the part you are looking for, for the brand, make or model you desire. We’ll ship you the part after purchase and help get your appliance back up and running soon.

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