Appliance Parts for Garbage Disposals

Many of us use our garbage disposals in the sink so frequently, that we can often take for granted the fact that garbage disposals are a key appliance in our kitchen. With frequent usage and heavy excess food scraps going down the sink, your garbage disposal needs to be ready for action.  

But they do break down periodically. Your garbage disposal motor might burn out, the unit may leak under the sink, or the blade inside may get jammed for some reason and disable the unit. That’s when you might need to find replacement parts for garbage disposals.  

What happens if you have a non-functioning garbage disposal? If it’s a leak, then you might want to troubleshoot the drain trap. You can try to repair broken garbage disposals, but you’ll need a little know-how, a little luck and ease of movement in tight spaces.  

Often, leaks start at the disposal’s drain and is generally caused by waste buildup in the drain trap. You’ll need to clean the trap. Start by shutting down the unit’s power, then remove the drain from its gasket and cparts for garbage disposals   Appliance Parts Companylean the debris off the insides of the pipe. You should take this opportunity to buy a new gasket from an online appliance parts store.  

Another tip for your garbage disposal is a simple but effective one. Most appliance professionals recommend to NOT use cleaning chemicals to pour down your sink to unclog a faulty garbage disposal. In most case, they suggest that using these chemicals for cleaning buildup of excess food waste usually just erode the gaskets. If you’ve tried this and come up with eroded gaskets, that could further the possibility of getting more leaks in your system down the line.  

If you need appliance parts for your garbage disposal, trash compactor, refrigerator or any other household appliance, find Appliance Parts Company online. Appliance Parts Company is the number one source for all appliance parts needs, carrying thousands of appliance parts for household appliances.  We offer professional installation, maintenance tips, great prices, fast delivery and the appliance part you need.

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