Troubleshooting Appliances and Replacement Parts

Memorial Day weekend has just passed, and that means the unofficial start of the summer season. With the summer season comes a need to check your appliances and get them in tip-top shape to entertaining inside and outside your house.

appliance parts  Applicance Parts CompanyBelow are some tips on keeping your various appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners running well, and knowing where to buy appliance parts when things break down.

Air Conditioners
Hopefully, your air conditioning system has been checked by a professional technician and is ready for the hot summer months, especially in the south and southwest parts of the US.  But what if it’s been checked, but now you find that the outdoor condensing fan motor has stopped running? This happens more often than you think in hot weather states.

This problem may be caused by a bad motor run capacitor or a bad motor. The motor run capacitors help boost the current to an electric motor. Motor run capacitors are designed to run continuously. If your A/C unit has stopped functioning because of the non-performing outdoor condensing fan motor, then you might want to test the capacitor or simply buying a replacement run capacitor part.

Another problem could occur if your air conditioner compressor doesn’t start. Oftentimes, air compressors ‘lock up’ and will not start. This is most noticeable by homeowners when they turn on the power to the air conditioning outdoor unit.  They can hear the fan start up, but there is also a grinding sound of the compressor trying to start. The compressor is trying to start, but gets switched off because of fear of internal electrical overload. The internal overload protects the compressor windings from overheating and burning up.

This can happen anytime during the air conditioning season, but is most often seen at the start, after sitting in cold air during the winter months. Some compressors just will not start after a long winter, and when that happens, homeowners must seek out air conditioning compressor parts for repair or get a new air conditioning system, which can be upwards of $8,000.

Refrigerator and Freezers
Refrigerators are another daily-used appliance that can work wonderfully year-round, but break down when you least expect it. Over the past several decades, refrigerators and freezers have gotten more efficient, using in some case 60% less electricity over time than older models.

There are some considerations concerning refrigerators before any repairs may be needed. Refrigerators with the freezer on either the bottom or top are the most efficient. Bottom freezer models use approximately 16% less energy than side-by-side models and top freezer models use about 13% less than side-by-side. Plus, the convenience that comes with front-of-door icemakers and water dispensers do increase your refrigerators energy use in some cases by 20 percent.

But if you have an older model refrigerator, you can check to see if it needs refrigerator appliance parts or repairs. Old, inefficient refrigerators may be costing you more money than you need to be spending on electricity.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in determining how to get the best appliances replacement parts and accessories for appliances. Follow these tips to save money and time.

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