Common Problems with Air Conditioner Repair

Across the US, spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and the annual rite of spring cleanups is underway. But in some of the warmer climates of the US – including Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, it’s nearing the time of the year when air conditioning units start to get put into use for another hot season of 100-plus degree temperatures.

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If you’re an air conditioning user in one of these warm states, you know how indispensable a properly functioning air conditioner is to you and your family’s well-being. To keep an air conditioner in top shape requires a qualified service technician and as needed any air conditioner repair as part of the overall maintenance system.

Certified appliance technicians are skilled in tuning up your HVAC system. Many of these technicians also work in tandem with local appliance parts companies which can supply all the necessary parts as needed to fix an ailing air conditioner unit.

If your air conditioner unit is having issues and needs air conditioner parts or technician service, here are some of the top troubleshooting areas below to understand before seeking the advice of a technician or an appliance parts company in your area.

Non-working outdoor unit
Homeowners usually notice this first, as air conditioning units stop working from the outside and the loss of sound or power is noticeable. This lack of power, problems with contactors, or even a broken thermostat could be a contributor to the faulty air conditioner. Bruce Swayne, CEO with Arizona-based Appliance Parts Company, finds that “In most A/C issues, broken thermostats are the main reason for a non-working outside A/C unit.”

Non-working outdoor fan
The outside fan is the main unit responsible for taking heat out and bringing in cool air into a home. If the fan isn’t running, that can cause the compressor on an A/C unit to overload and turn off as a safety measure. Even worse, it may even cause the compressor itself to stop working. When these parts go, a quick search of ‘appliance parts for air conditioners’ should be able to bring you a local company for the parts you need.

Bad wiring
Double check the A/C unit’s wiring with your local service technician. Rigged or uncertified A/C wiring is dangerous and a potential fire hazard. Without the power sent through the wires, an A/C can have an auto shut-off and trip the house circuit breaker if bad wiring is involved.

Low refrigerant
The chemical inside the air conditioning system that cools the air is called the refrigerant (or in some case, Freon). If your house is not feeling as cold as it should, there may be a problem or a leak in the refrigerant system. Recharging the air conditioning unit with refrigerant is usually the result of a leak, and should be repaired or replaced promptly.

Frozen Inside coil
There can be several possible explanations for a frozen inside coil on your inside A/C unit. Dirty air filters in the home or blocked return air ductwork can cause problems with airflow, and bring about a frozen coil. Low refrigerant in the air condition system is also a contributing factor to problems leading to frozen indoor coils.

When in doubt on any of these problems with air conditioners, consult your local services contractor or seek out a local appliance parts company that sells air conditioner parts.

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