Appliance Repairs Service for Your HVAC – Air Conditioner

Heating in the winter, cool air in the summer. It seems that your HVAC unit is always on, helping your family stay comfortable year round.

But that always-on usage can take a toll on your heating, ventilation and air conditioner unit. Parts may break, burn out or just reach the end of their lifespan. In this case, seeking out a good appliance repairs service is your best bet.

What causes HVAC unit parts to stop working? In general, central air conditioning systems don’t last as long as furnaces. Part of this reason is that A/C units are exposed to the elements and extreme hot and cold temperatures outdoors. Because of this, the outdoor parts tend to need more maintenance and repair work.

Is your air conditioning, heating and ventilation unit needing repairs more frequently? If the unit needs servicing or repair more than once throughout a single season, then a thorough inspection for faulty parts or operating systems should be taken. Occasionally, a malfunctioning part or improper system setup can cause more damage than intended to an AC system.

Air conditioning repairs can include installing a new compressor, capacitor, faappliance repairs service    Appliance Parts Companyn blades and more. But fixing the source problem can’t stem the tide of damage already done to other parts. One instance might be that the cause of a burned out compressor is from acid circulating in the system. The compressor can be replaced, but unless you clean out the leaks or manage the acid flow, the problem can happen again and your unit may again need repair.

Other symptoms of an old or tired air conditioner include loud noise and reduced efficiency. Failing systems often alert homeowners with strange sounds.  And, if you’re A/C efficiency is down, even with regular maintenance checkups, then it might be time to spend money for a new system.

If you need replacement parts for your HVAC unit, contact Appliance Parts Company. We’re a leader in the appliance parts industry, and we handle appliance parts for all brand makes and models of major appliances. Our 35 years of experience is a major reason why consumers order online from Appliance Parts Company.

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