No Need to Buy a New Appliance Just The Right Appliance Replacement Parts

Save your money for gifts or even your holiday bills, not new appliances! Appliance Parts Company President Bruce Swane shares tips on treating your appliances well. In case of breakage nonetheless, Appliance Parts Company can find you appliance replacement parts to fix overworked machines. Save money and buy new parts, not new appliances.  

Washing machines – “Washing machine are among the most common appliances that need repairs, simple because it’s got probably the most moving parts in it. And it’s more often used and misused the most out of any other appliance. When people overload their washing machine, they put undue pressure on so many of these moving parts, it’s just a matter of time before one of them needs repair or replacement.”   replacement appliance parts

Refrigerators – “People also misuse refrigerators, too, and they break as much as anything else. Cooling seems to be the basic thing that goes wrong with a refrigerator. Everything else is cosmetic. If your shelf is broken or your door is not closing 100 percent or our handle breaks, you can live with it or work around it for quite a while, but if it doesn’t cool, then it’s not a refrigerator anymore.  

Dishwashers – “There’s a lot of operator error on dishwashers. It’s nobody’s fault but the manufacturers’ because dishwashers can’t perform the same way that they used to because all the phosphates are out. They don’t clean like they used to. And so, there are a lot of little steps that you have to do to make your dishwasher perform like it used to. We carry about 9-10 different citric acid products to dissolve all the calcium to help the dishwasher work better and let the water flow better. You’ll get a cleaner load and cleaner glasses.”

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3 Responses to No Need to Buy a New Appliance Just The Right Appliance Replacement Parts

  1. Yes, Really…
    This is very nice information… just replace parts of appliances and our appliance will work as new that is nice…

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